Regional Lead Community Challenge Winner: Elizabeth Hill

Each semester, StudySoup hosts a Community Challenges competition where our Regional Leads – the ones who conduct online intro sessions – participate in fun activities to help market StudySoup to their friends and fellow students. The challenges range anywhere from posting a creative picture on Instagram to hosting a marketing booth/table on campus to recruiting new Elite Notetakers. There are some wild and crazy challenges too! Our Regional Leads are given points for each challenge – the harder the challenge, the higher the number of points. And the grand prize for the Regional Lead with the highest number of points at the end of the semester: An all-expenses paid vacation to pretty much anywhere!
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My StudySoup Trip to Puerto Rico!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Hill, and I am a Regional Lead at StudySoup. I was lucky enough to win an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world for winning a competition between all of the Regional Leads! To win the competition, I had to get the most amount of points by doing things like posting on Instagram and pouring soup on my head (which is NOT as glamorous as it sounds)!!

The place I picked to go was Aguadilla, Puerto Rico because I found this amazing little Airbnb there (which StudySoup paid for)! Because the accommodations were already paid for, 4 of my friends were able to join me by just paying for their plane tickets. My ticket was also covered by StudySoup!

For five nights, my friends and I had the best vacation of our lives!

Each day, we would wake up and walk down the street to this cute little panedellería to eat breakfast. Then we’d head back to our house, which was FEET from the water, and relax for a little while we planned out our day!

Most days, we drove in our rental car to a neighboring town named Rincon, which is known for the best surf in Puerto Rico. We would stay there all day surfing, laying out, and having beach drinks!

There were tons of great beaches around us in the town where we stayed, Aguadilla. A few of my favorites were Crash Boat Beach and Rompeolas. Rompeolas was actually the name of the beach our AirBnB was near. Only three minutes down the beach from us was this awesome bar we really loved hanging out at. One night, we walked down to the bar and ended up accidentally watching something along the lines of the “Baseball World Finals,” where Puerto Rico was playing the Netherlands.

People are so much more serious about baseball there than Americans are about football! They had air horns that they would blast anytime something good happened- it was crazy! But it was so much fun to watch the fans be so hype about this game!

One of the things I noticed really early on in the trip was that there were a lot of stray cats, dogs, chickens, and even horses just roaming around! At first, I was really sad to see all of these animals without homes, but then I realized that these strays were living the life on the beach and had food given to them all of the time!

One thing I will never forget is how crazy the locals drive! On our first taxi ride from the airport to our house, the taxi driver swerved into the oncoming lane, passed 4 cars and went straight through a red light like it was nothing. Seriously, he acted like it was a completely normal thing to do.

But the locals there were so nice! Anytime we walked anywhere, we were stopped and asked if we needed any help or directions or anything.  Clearly, we didn’t blend in!

For the most part, everyone we talked to spoke both English and Spanish fluently. But there were a couple of times I had to whip out my Spanish. It was a tiny bit frustrating; but once it happened a couple of times, it was second nature! It’s been a couple of weeks since we have gotten back and I am still accidentally saying things in Spanish!

All in all, this was the best trip ever because of the freedom and fun we all had as a group! It really felt quite grown up of us to go to a foreign country together and not have any adults there to help us or resolve conflict!! My group of friends already has plans to go back this summer, and I’m in the process of convincing my family to go as a family!

Aguadilla and Rincon are the best places in the world and I’m so thankful I got to explore them on my own!

Thank you thank you thank you StudySoup!

Elizabeth Hill (also Paul, Anna, Zan, and Austin)

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