Internships are a must-have for any student looking to gain early experience and get a jump on the competition. But finding a great internship opportunity that also happens to fit in with your hectic school schedule is usually easier said than done. But with a recent increase in virtual opportunities, students are now able to gain experience without having to sacrifice academic commitments.

Virtual internships are any opportunities that are done remotely, usually from your own computer. Students are now free from the limitations of having to find something within a reasonable distance from their campus and are even able to take advantage of opportunities across the country.

Here we explore some of the top internship opportunities available to students looking to give remote work a try.

Marketing and Communications Internships

Virtual internships have become quite common in marketing and communications. With more companies shifting their marketing tactics into the online space, many marketing internships can be done almost completely online.

From managing a company’s social media accounts to being a brand ambassador, there are extensive opportunities for people interested in the communications, marketing, or public relations fields. Below are just a few examples.

Easy Living Branding Public Relations Internship

Pay: Unpaid

Great for someone interested in exploring a career in public relations, this brand strategy and crisis public relations specialist company is looking for an intern to assist in developing marketing activities, schedule advertising, coordinate with news media, and more. Easy Living Branding has worked a wide array of clients, including Muhammad Ali, CNN, Yahoo, and ESPN.

The company is looking for someone with strong communication skills, knowledge of media production, and a strong work ethic. Get a head start in the world of public relations management virtually by applying here.

Revolve Clothing Brand Marketing and Social Media Internship

Pay: Unpaid

This remote opportunity is perfect for anyone interested in the marketing field who is looking to gain a better understanding of social media marketing, especially those who also have a passion for fashion.

Revolve, an online clothing store, boasts they “shine a spotlight on experience and education” with TRIP- The Revolve Internship Program. Interns work directly with customers online, manage social media accounts, and track and report social data.

As a bonus, interns are eligible for employee discounts up to 50% on some items. Does it get any better than that? You must be 21 or older and be a current student with at least minimal social media experience. To get started, apply here.

StudySoup Campus Marketing Coordinator Program

Pay: $16 per hour, with potential for bonuses

StudySoup is looking for outgoing and highly motivated students to help them recruit their fellow classmates to join the StudySoup community. Marketing Coordinators receive specialized training in marketing and networking.

Not a Marketing or Business major? You can still benefit from the other career-building skills the program offers, such as resume development and relationship building. Students earn a base pay of $16 per hour and are given plenty of opportunities to earn bonuses.

And with many other opportunities for promotion, students are given the chance to grow in their role, as they help build this fast-moving startup. This year-round opportunity is one of the most flexible student jobs around. Marketing Coordinators can set their own schedules to work around classes, student clubs, and any other commitments they have. Get started by filling out the application here.

Business and Consulting Internships

Though not quite as common, there are some virtual internship opportunities for those interested in finance and consulting. These companies require a lot of scheduling, organization, and general conversations all carried out over phone calls and Skype chats, making them the perfect setup for a virtual internship.

CCG & Associates Consulting Internship

Pay: Unpaid

CCG & Associates is a company that assists startups and small businesses in creating better management teams and overall growth. This company is looking for an intern to direct incoming phone calls, help maintain the manager’s schedule, create and manage spreadsheets, and more.

If you have experience with MS Office, organizational skills, a positive attitude, and a bit of experience, this internship could be a great fit for you! It’s a great opportunity to help small companies grow while gaining learning experience of your own. Apply Here.

Teckno’s Finance and Accounting Internship

Pay: Paid (Amount Not Specified on Application)

Teckno, whose name is a combination of “Economy and Vision”, is a global consulting firm based in Europe. But they allow interns to work from home, regardless of where they are in the world.

As a Teckno intern, you’ll handle important duties such as assisting with financial reports, working alongside the financial team, managing monthly physical inventory, and much more.

As Teckno’s origins are in Europe, this global company will provide a wide array of experience for the student who secures this internship position. The opportunity is available to any student majoring in Business, Finance, Economics, or Accounting. It’s a great opportunity to get a firsthand look at what it’s like behind the scenes of a large consulting firm.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and sharp communication skills are required. Interested? Get started by applying here.

Journalism Internships

Similar to Marketing and Communications, Journalism is another field with a high number of virtual internships available. These opportunities, however, focus solely on freelance writing. Online remote work is perfect for a journalism major, as most writing can be done on your own time, from your own computer.

A.N. Publishing Culture Writer Internship

Pay: Unpaid

This company is seeking an intern to write culture-related content for their Man of the Hour magazine. With a focus on social and pop culture writing, this position is a great opportunity for a young aspiring journalist who’s in-tune with current social trends.

This position, aimed towards a male intern able to “write from an intellectual, unapologetic, male perspective” sounds very unique. Given the opportunity to write about opinions and cultural trends, this journalistic writing provides a lot of freedom to the intern and will be a great experience for learning how to voice your opinion in a professional, intelligent format.

In this position, you’ll get the chance to write a biweekly column on social and pop culture topics, as well as monthly columns covering a wider variety of subjects from fitness to literature. Apply Here.

Study Breaks Remote Student Writing Internship

Pay: Unpaid

Study Breaks, a print magazine and website written by college students, is looking for more student interns to contribute content. This intern will submit one 1,000 word article and three article pitches each week.

The most exciting part about this opportunity is that these can be articles about anything you want to write about! Creative and intelligent ideas are all that is expected of you.

You’ll work with the other students through video conferences, giving each other writing feedback. Moreover, you’ll receive feedback from the editorial team with a focus on the technicalities of their writing, allow you to improve your writing skills and learn how to work well with a team.

No experience is necessary. All you need to apply is two examples of non-fiction writing. Apply Here.

Other Opportunities

Galen Healthcare Solutions Graphic Design Internship

Pay: Paid (Amount Not Specified on Application)

Galen Healthcare Solutions, a healthcare IT technical & professional services and solutions company, is searching for a graphic design intern to assist in many different tasks. You’ll assist in the design of marketing materials, keep up with design trends and learn how to implement them, create custom advertisements, and more. A great way to boost your resume with some personally created design content, this position offers experience not easily found with many internship opportunities.

This opportunity is open to students majoring in Fine Arts or Graphic Design. To apply you must have some prior experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Bonus benefits include an emphasis on teamwork skills and the ability to receive constructive criticism to better your design skills. Apply Here.

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Computer Science Internship

Pay: Paid (Amount Not Specified on Application)

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.’s core purpose is website creation and web analytic solutions. The company is searching for a Computer Science intern to assist with data entry, accounting tasks, and customer service duties.

In this opportunity, you’ll manage large amounts of data and will have the chance to expand your programming skills. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for maintaining accurate data at all times and will work closely with key team members involved directly with website creation. Testing new software, interviewing beta testers, and coding/programming are all tasks carried out by this student looking towards a career in computer science. Apply Here.

Looking for even more virtual internship opportunities? Check out’s list here.

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