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Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the office campuses of the tech giants of the world?

Wired is offering the world an exclusive preview of Apple’s new spaceship. Whoops, I mean campus. Its official name is Apple Park, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is some sort of spacecraft that just spontaneously takes off someday.

The idea for the unique, ultra-modern campus was proposed by Steve Jobs in 2011 and cost around $5 billion to build. The hope is that the amount of renewable energy tech put into the structure will eventually help them to break even on the cost of manufacture, as the roof of the building is covered in 2.8 million square feet of solar panels. The ventilation is also all completely natural and the site is built in such a way that there won’t be a need for air conditioning or heating at any point in the year. The whole place runs on 100% renewable energy.

Apple’s current campus (Apple Campus) is located at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. The new campus seems to be in keeping with the “loop” theme, as the building is one big ring. And, just to assert their dominance in the tech world, the new campus sits on the grounds of the former Hewlett-Packard campus.

Ooh, shiny!

Shoutout to UT Austin

Ride sharing is back on Monday!

Today, Texas governor Greg Abbott will sign a new bill on Monday that will standardize statewide requirements for ride-hailing operations, including taxis and ride-share apps likeUber and Lyft.

Previously, Austin’s city ordinances required that all transportation network company employees receive background checks, including fingerprinting, among other requirements. The ride share companies, for their part, felt that that was too prohibitive to their drivers and to their overall productivity. Opponents of the ordinance feared that drunk driving would increase, and both Lyft and Uber spent over $8 million in marketing efforts, to no avail.

All that will be changing on Monday, though! For students at the University of Texas and other schools in the Austin area, this is a welcome change.

Welcome back

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