Balancing a full-time job + college


Balancing a full-time job + college

Going to college is expensive – we all know that quite well. Most students take on one or two part-time jobs while they’re in school as full-time students. But some grab a full-time job as soon as they can, even with a full credit load.

How they do it

Top piece of advice: get a planner. Use different colored pens/pencils to differentiate between your work schedule and school schedule when you’re making plans. Keep track of everywhere you need to be (and when!), and write down your reminders.

While it can be useful to use electronic planning apps like Google Calendar for proactive reminders about events, the act of writing things down helps you remember them better. Consider using a handwritten planner for most of your planning, but put your important events in a calendar app if you know you’ll need a reminder!

The other major point? Communicate. When you’re juggling two full-time positions, your bosses and professors need to be aware. It might seem like it’ll hurt your prospects or your standing with them, but it will save you from running into scheduling issues later if all parties are aware of potential conflicts!

6 tips to balance your job and school

Apple burgers?

In my opinion, the list of fruits that belong on burgers starts and ends with tomatoes. (Yes, they are a fruit – technically). But one man wants to change the game… with apple burgers.

What… is that?

At a food stall in Selangor, called Burger Apple King, Kamarulazwan Rosman, 27, has created the innovative apple burger. He started the first stall about three years ago, and now there are 33 throughout the capital city.

The apple burger itself is more of a burger with apple buns than an apple burger. The burger still has a meat pattie, topped with just about whatever you’d like (plus apple slices). Then the green bun, made with apple-yogurt-mayonnaise.

While some may balk at the idea, it seems to be popular and profitable for the young entrepreneur. Maybe New York food stands will start to see apple burgers soon!

Would you eat one?

In the News This Week:

Han Solo: the newest installment in the Star Wars universe, the Han Solo movie, now has a title.

NFL: the NFL has opted not to change its national anthem policy amid rising tensions around protests against racial injustice at its games.

Smart City: owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Sidewalk Labs is looking to turn Toronto into a model smart city.

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