Become a morning person!


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Become a Morning Person

In a perfect world, we would all be morning people who wake up at the break of dawn every day and ready to start the day off in a positive mood. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and most of us have a super hectic schedule the moment our feet touch the ground. Let’s get real: it’s a miracle if I get out the door on time, eat breakfast, take my dog out, and be motivated for the day. Usually, I’m a grumpy mess who’d rather be cuddled up in my bed, instead of going about my day.

Create a routine

If you stick to a routine, your body will naturally adapt to the change and allow you to become sleepy around the same time every day. One nighttime routine to try is to drink some tea or read a book 30-45 minutes before bed. However you choose to relax, make sure it’s something that you can repeat every night to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

By waking up to natural light, you’ll be woken up with a gradual light instead of a blaring alarm that you ended up hitting snooze a few times. Waking up to natural light allows you to feel more rested and ready to start the day because it’s the world’s way of waking you up. 

Changing any habit takes time and practice, so don’t rush the process. I wouldn’t say I’m always a morning person, and that’s okay. Just take it one day at a time and don’t forget that things happen that might not allow us to go to sleep early or wake up early every morning.

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What To Do If Your Professor Doesn’t Like You

My grandpa has always said that “a good student knows the subject, but a great student knows the teacher.” Whether or not you subscribe to his philosophy, you have to admit that being friendly with your professor can make a course seem easier. This doesn’t mean you should join their bridge club or offer to walk their dogs, but being nice to them can go a long way. But what if you’re certain that they just have it out for you? You notice that they treat you differently than other students or just avoid talking to you in general. 

Get self-reflective about your behavior

One of the first steps you should take before you do anything else is acknowledge that there are different emotions and varying personalities involved, and sometimes they don’t always mesh. Haylee E., a senior at CSU Stanislaus, believes that “professors don’t just hate their students randomly. There’s almost always something that’s caused it. Whether it’s something going on in their life, or something in yours, there’s almost always a cause.” 

There could be something going on in their life that’s out of your control, so take a second to think about your behavior in class. Do you talk while they’re talking? Are you constantly on your phone? Are you not meeting their academic standards? Even if it’s something that you don’t think is a problem, your professor might find it offensive, which could be the source of their animosity. Forming a better relationship with them may be as simple as putting your phone in your bag and engaging in the lecture.

You need to value yourself above all else. Unless this is a class that’s only offered once a year, and you’ve tried literally every other approach to ease the situation, sometimes dropping the class is your best option. It’s not ideal, but if you’ve hit the point where you absolutely 100 percent feel that you cannot continue or that you’ve not being given a fair chance, this might be your next course of action. Sit down with your academic advisor (or your parents) and thoroughly talk through this decision just to make sure that you, your GPA, and your finances are able to face the consequences.

Consider your options!

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