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Most of us tend to hang around with people who are “like us,” that is, who share commonalities in background, personality, interests, and yes, age. In the workplace, this can be problematic, as it can lead managers to jump to conclusions or make decisions about employees that they don’t even realize they are making, based on beliefs about generations or cultures. The first step to overcoming these biases is to realize you have them and then make a conscious effort to rethink our snap judgments.

Realize That Unconscious Bias Is Not a “Fault”

“A major step is to accept that unconscious bias exists—and that you’ve got it. At any given moment, you’re faced with 11 million pieces of information, but your brain can only process 40 of those bits at a time. So it creates shortcuts. Just acknowledging that you have unconscious bias is the first step to doing something about it.” — Read more at Generations at Work.

“When people are bias-aware, they are able to act with less bias without fixating on being unbiased. Bias-aware people can do this by course-correcting their actions and decisions using knowledge about their own biases. For example, someone might say, “I believe that I’ve selected the best people on this panel, but know I’m biased toward men. Let me look one more time with that in mind and see if the outcome changes.” While the decision may not end up changing, the process of being honest and nonjudgmental about one’s own bias adds both accountability and intentionality.” — Read more at Quartz At Work.

“Conduct generational information awareness/sharing sessions. A great way to get people to work together across the generations is to provide them with an opportunity to educate each other about each generation’s own history, characteristics, milestone events, culture, language, and norms. Rather than talking at your people, have representatives from each age-based generation put together programming to educate people and facilitate dialogue.” — Read more at American Management Association.

Focus on people!

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