Your best friendsgiving ever


Your best friendsgiving ever

Prepare your elastic waistbands, because the greatest holiday of the year is coming: Friendsgiving! All the best parts of regular Thanksgiving (read: eating until you can’t see colors anymore) with the added benefit of being able to do whatever you want. So whether you’re hosting your friends in your dorm room or heading to someone’s house, check out these tips to make this Friendsgiving the best one

Kick-start the festivities

Your Friendsgiving can be as over-the-top or as laid-back as you want it to be, but in any case, you should probably plan out some activities for everyone to do just in case there’s a lull in conversation. Bust out a Cards Against Humanity set or, if you’re feeling extra-spirited, go around the table and have everyone share something they’re thankful for. ‘Tis the season, y’all.

Don’t feel pressured to have the classic Thanksgiving menu, either. Sure, we all love mashed potatoes and stuffing, but the world is your oyster on Friendsgiving. Have everyone bring their favorite food to share, or try something themey and creative like a pie bar. The most important thing is that there is delicious food, but that’s the only guideline. You make the rules. Now go forth and be grateful.
Break out the stretchy pants

The perfect crime (shows)

Ever since Netflix dropped Making a Murderer, true crime shows have absolutely blown up. If you’re addicted to the dark, twisted stories depicted on true crime shows, you’re in luck—there are many, many more hidden beneath the top layer of Netflix. Get ready to check your locks.

Stack up those savings

Netflix has crime dramas aplenty, and there’s one for everybody. For fans of docu-series like Making a Murderer, there’s Out of Thin Air, a documentary that tells the story of the most famous murder in Iceland. There’s also Interview with a Serial Killer, which is every bit as creepy-crawly as it sounds.

If fiction is more your thing, don’t worry; Netflix has got you covered. Check out All Good Things, a film inspired by the true story of a wife who mysteriously disappeared. Aquarius is a great fictional series for newbies, or just for those (like me) who scare way, way too easily. No matter what your preferred scare level is, there’s something intriguing and maybe a little bit terrifying waiting for you on Netflix. Check the link below for a complete list of 17 hidden true crime gems.
Start binging

In the News This Week:

  • Staying connected: Alphabet’s Project Loon, which delivers internet service via balloons, announced that it has delivered basic internet to over 100,000 people in Puerto Rico.
  • Look what you made her do: T-Swift dropped her sixth album, Reputation, today; she included an emotional letter to her fans in the album booklet.
  • Bun in the oven: April the giraffe might be pregnant again, just 7 months after that viral “giraffe cam” birth.

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