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The Best Productivity Apps To Help You Stay Focused This Year

If your big goal for 2019 is to get that tad bit more organized, you’re in luck. Because, yes, there’s an app for that. A few, actually. Thanks to the digital world, there are the best productivity apps and tools to burn. Ahead, check out eight of the best apps to get you started—from to-do lists to digital notebooks to AI-powered music.

The apps

Todoist- If you’re an avid list-maker, you need to know about Todoist. Todoist isn’t your average productivity app; it’s versatile, nifty, and it looks so good. Firstly, it opts for a clean, basic aesthetic, so the focus is all on your to-do lists. There are no distractions, such as pretty backgrounds.

Feedly- You could move from website to website, checking each homepage to discover the latest articles. Or you could use Feedly, which uses RSS technology to download a list of unread articles from almost any blog or website you choose. That way, you’ll always be up-to-date, and you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve missed something. Better yet, you can read the articles in Feedly, save them for later, or open them in their original locations.

Brain FM- Maybe you’re someone who can’t concentrate if there are little noises all around you. Or maybe you’re someone who needs music to help zone everything out. Either way, you might want to check out Brain FM. The team behind this app have paired the wonders of artificial intelligence with the genius of a collective of scientists to come up with music that helps you be more productive. You can choose from three modes: focus, relax or sleep. Then, just throw on your headphones and get to work.

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