It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an… Uber?


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an… Uber?

Flying taxis: not just for the movies anymore. Word on the street is that Uber and NASA have some big plans for casual travelers. The companies are partnering up to build flying taxi air control software. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to hop on a flight just like you’d hop on an Uber. This is the future, kids. We’re living it.
The future of travel

This change is going to happen sooner than you might think. Uber plans to start testing four-passenger, 200-mph flying taxi services across LA in 2020, followed by a second test in Dallas and Fort Worth. That is, after NASA figures out all the flight stuff. Better leave that to the professionals.

The transition will happen in four phases over increasingly populated areas; it won’t be until the fourth test that Uber takes the reins. There are loads of logistics to work out before then, needless to say. NASA veterans are designing the aircraft vehicles and the aircraft management software program. Once the team figures out how to make Uber’s aircrafts happily coexist with other systems, you just might be able to make that long-distance trip on a whim after all.
We’re soaring, flying

Speed up your internet

Great news for Comcast users (just kidding) (no, I’m not)! Researchers at Dartmouth University have discovered a way to make your wifi signal stronger, and it involves an age-old fix for faulty antennas: aluminum foil. Well, and a 3D printer. That part isn’t so age-old.

Break out that tin foil

To hack your wifi, all you’ve gotta do is put a reflector on and around your router’s antenna. This shapes the beam, so you can essentially control where your wifi signal goes. For example, if your router is next to a window or a shared wall, you can reroute it so that part of the wave goes back into your home instead. So long, pesky neighbors trying to latch onto MY internet.

After studying these methods, researchers created a program that 3D prints the exact shape you need for your specific setup. For just $35, you can have a stronger, faster connection, and you can keep it all to yourself. Your Netflix ability just went up 10 points. You’re welcome.
Better, faster, stronger

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