Bucket List & Baby Animals


The (college) bucket list

You hear a lot about “college life” before you go to college. Has it lived up to your expectations? Is it crazier? Is it more boring? It all depends on where you go, and who you talked to before you went.

Lots of people have opinions about what you “need to” experience during your college years – your first football game, frat parties, join this or that club. It can be a lot of pressure. The important thing to remember is that these are your first years you’re spending on your own, which means you call the shots.

If you’re an extrovert, you might prefer the party life. Go to all the sports games – not just football! Tailgate [responsibly] with your friends, get competitive on an intramural or collegiate level sports team, participate in extra-curricular clubs.

If you’re more introverted, try not to spend all your time alone. College is a great place to find all sorts of people, and you can make some of the greatest friends of your life there. If you’re not into parties or sports, try taking a small yoga class or join an academic club that piques your interest.

There’s so much opportunity in college. You don’t want to miss anything – but remember that it is ultimately up to YOU to choose how you want to spend your time. You’re in charge now!

Try it all

A dose of cuteness

A lot of news these days is very tense and stressful. There are conflicts around the world, and while it’s important to stay informed about current events, no matter what political views you have, it can get really difficult to constantly be faced with more sad or angering news.

So… look at some baby animals.

I am completely serious. Several colleges will bring in puppies or shelter dogs to reduce stress during finals weeks… this is the same idea, but you can look at all sorts of baby animals from the comfort of your bed.

Ever heard of Zooborns? Well now you have, you’re welcome! I’ll let you in on something – my husband is a zookeeper, and we’ve gotten to feed and take care of a bunch of baby animals together. He showed me Zooborns, which is a site that basically keeps track of every baby animal born at almost every zoo or aquarium around the world.

They also have a Facebook and Instagram, so if you’d like a break from the politics or memes in your news feed, go follow them so you can get an adorable lil bub on your screen every day.


In the News This Week:

Save the bees: for several years now, the bee population has been decreasing drastically around the world. This could have devastating effects on our global ecosystem, particularly concerning food production. Scientists think they may have found at least one cause of the population decline.

Germany means business: hate speech will no longer be tolerated on social media in Germany. They’ve decided that the social media companies themselves, rather than the users who post illegal, racist, or slanderous things, can be held accountable and fined for not removing them.

Kardashian drama: earlier this week, Kendall and Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian family, dropped a line of “hand-picked, vintage” tee shirts that had faces of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac… with their own faces screen-printed over them.

Germany again: today, German parliament legalized same-sex marriage. It’s about time.

  From the Blog  

The Importance of Cultural Awareness
When thinking of the benefits of summer break, the first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to vacation. College students are given three blissful months of a break which they really like to take advantage of, especially when it comes to the ever so popular post-grad Europe trip or the option to study abroad for a few weeks. Students are told what to bring with them, how to stay safe, and what the best cities and countries are to visit. However, what is rarely discussed are the different cultures and customs within those countries, and how students should act in order to be respectful of their surroundings. This is the idea behind cultural awareness.
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