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I’ve written about Budget Bytes in this newsletter before. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. The author, Beth, has some of the best recipes that you could dream of for people on a budget. If you’re in college, you should definitely be on a budget.

Avoiding the monotonous (but frugal!) life of ramen and peanut butter sandwiches is important. Balance is important. A balanced diet, and a balanced checkbook. To help with that, Beth of Budget Bytes has (finally) created an app! Rejoice!

Now you can carry Budget Bytes with you in your pocket. Next time you go to the grocery store, just pull up your favorite recipes to make sure you get everything you need, then watch as the cashier rings you up at a very reasonable price.

Sadly, the app will cost $2.99, but she’ll be releasing exclusive recipes and content that will only be available via the app. Also, she’ll definitely save you more than $2.99 in grocery bills when you start using her recipes, so it’ll be worth it!

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Don’t knock it till ya try it

I’m pretty certain that that was my mom’s favorite phrase when I was growing up. I wasn’t allowed to be a picky eater – I had to “at least try” everything that we ever ate. Turns out, I like most things now.

Then I heard that people were dipping their french fries in their milkshakes. What?? French fries are for ketchup. But apparently that’s a pretty popular combo, so what do I know?

Apparently nothing, because there are people out there who like some very seemingly odd combinations of foods – but they swear they’re delicious.

Hot sauce and cauliflower? Caramel and goat cheese? Mango and chili? That’s just a few.

If you’ve ever tried any of these – or if you have your own favorite “weird” food combination you think we should try, let us know! We’ll make someone at StudySoup HQ try it and we’ll include it in a future newsletter!

Whatever floats your boat

Today I learned…

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10 Career Success Skills That Require Zero Talent
If you haven’t yet discovered it, you will… achieving career success can be stressful. You have job responsibilities, deadlines to meet, office politics and the daily commute to navigate… all the while trying to have a life… going to the gym (sometimes), remembering to pay your rent on time, eating your broccoli like mom said to, oh, and maybe cramming in a relationship with friends and/or a significant other. But most people, for whatever reasons, just don’t put in the basic effort that creates 80 percent of success. Read this list. Then read it again. Print it and paste it to your bathroom mirror. Tape it on your forehead. Tattoo it on your arm. Whatever it takes for you to follow this list every day, without fail.

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