Budgeting & “People Chow”


Budgeting for food

Food is amazing. I walk past easily 10 restaurants on the way to class that smell like heaven, and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram with all the recipe videos auto

If you’re still living in the dorms or you have a campus meal plan, eat at the dining halls as much as your plan allows – it’s the best use of your money, and someone else does all the cooking and dishes (unless you work there, I guess…).

If you’re living off campus and/or you don’t have a meal plan, finding time to budget, shop, and cook can be extremely difficult. It’s very tempting to just eat cereal for every meal (seriously, why is there no “people chow”? that would be so convenient…)

But it’s not too difficult to eat a little better and stick to a budget. The most important step there, though, is to actually create a budget. Based on your income, rent, and other bills, decide what you’re willing/able to spend on groceries before you go to the store. Even better, withdraw the amount you’re willing to spend in cash and leave your credit cards at home – you’ll be a lot more conscious about how much you’re spending if you only take a limited amount of money.

Next, make a list… and stick to it. Don’t let yourself be distracted by discounts or “buy 10, get one free!” deals on things that you aren’t there to buy.

Couponing can also be a life-saver. And couponing today is not your mom’s scissors-and-paper-everywhere type of deal. Check out coupon apps like IbottaRetailMeNot, orCheckout51 to get digital coupons that can be applied to hundreds of stores. It’s also worth checking to see if the grocery store(s) you frequently visit have apps of their own, where they may run their own exclusive digital coupon program.

Feed me!

Okay, so maybe there is “people chow”

Ever heard of Soylent? I hadn’t either.

Turns out it’s a meal-replacement shake sort of thing… There’s a powdered form and a liquid (bottled) form. It’s not like a typical protein shake or weight-loss shake, though.

The creators of Soylent have made a nutrient-dense drink that can literally fulfill all the dietary needs of most humans. There’s even a guy who spent a whole month consuming nothing but the stuff, and he’s doing just fine.

They’ve come out with several versions of it: the aforementioned liquid and powder, as well as a caffeinated bottled version and a nutrition bar, for those of you who like to eat solid food every once in a while.

I guess the idea is that the modern-day human is just too busy to sit down and have a proper meal, and this is a cost-effective and fast way to get all the nutrients you need. And hey, a lot fewer dishes to do…

Will this be the future of food?

Eating is hard (apparently)

Today I learned…

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