Burnout isn’t just for the professionals


Burnout isn’t just for the professionals

Although research has long shown that burnout affects employees, researchers now know that it also affects students. This finding definitely calls for the ~5 years later~ SpongeBob meme. Burnout in college is a REAL thing and has been for a long time. BUT, thanks to the research we can better equip ourselves to tackle college stronger than ever. 

Always start with the why. 

I came to college because I felt like I had to. It is what I was raised to believe, so when I first started college finding my real ‘why’ was definitely a challenge. It was overwhelming, until I discovered my passions, surrounded myself with positive influences, and decided to experience college the way I wanted to. 

I’ll tell you my why, to help spark your why. I am in college because I want to set my future self up for success. I want to earn money so I can travel the world and provide for my future family. Your why might be similar to mine or you may want to save lives, teach future leaders, or be the next Bachelor. Whatever it is, find it, and make it yours. 

Remember college is more than just textbooks and memorization. It’s about the connections you make and the experiences you go through that inevitably shape you into the best possible version of yourself.

It’s college and we only get to experience it this young once. SO fight the burnout and keep sight of the reason you’re here. YOU GOT THIS!

5 tips to avoid burning out

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