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How Ron Swanson Gave Me the Best Career Advice, Ever

It finally happened. I’d overextended myself in my career and subsequently felt as if my entire life were crumbling down around me. Friendships were suffering because I couldn’t spend quality time with anyone. My partner Peach (who lived with me) barely got more than a 30-minute window of time each day. And I was rapidly gaining weight from failing to exercise and feeling too worn out to do anything other than order comfort-food take out.

Ron Swanson

It felt as if I was actually doing four full-time jobs. I went to sleep around 3 am each night to wake up at 8 am, then I’d head to work and repeat the cycle. I walked around in a sleep-deprived state, unable to offer my best to anyone or anything. Then, one night while falling asleep to the TV, per my usual routine, a sage piece of wisdom floated into my ear: “Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” – Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

It seems silly, I know, but that line jolted me awake. It felt as though Ron Swanson himself were providing me with some divine intervention. Granted, he was offering the advice to Leslie Knope as she attempted to run a campaign for city council and do her full-time job in tandem—not unlike my current situation (minus all the government work).

The next morning I changed the background on my laptop to a gag motivational poster with Ron Swanson’s line. Obviously, that didn’t magically change my life. But then I began the more difficult task of self-reflection and comparing my current jobs to where I wanted to be in the next year, five years, 10 years. I couldn’t “whole-ass” four things and I needed to focus on the projects and jobs that would actually serve my long-term goals the best.

Do one thing great!

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