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Up your coffee game

How does anyone function without caffeine in the morning? I can hardly keep my eyes open till I’ve had my coffee. If you don’t do caffeine, kudos to you… but for those of us who do, here’s how to up your at-home coffee game without breaking the bank at Starbs every morning.

Make sure you have a drip coffee maker (you can find a good one on Amazon for less than $20). If you have a basic coffee machine and coffee grounds, you can make a really good cuppa Joe in your kitchen (or your bedroom, you do you). Coffee creamer is generally pretty cheap at the grocery store and can turn a regular cup of black coffee into a decadent treat with almost no work.

There are other super-easy recipes for delicious coffee drinks – some that you can even prepare in advance to grab and go on a busy morning. My favorite thing is maple coffee, so I made a maple simple syrup that I can quickly stir into my coffee in the morning. Simple syrup > regular syrup because it diffuses into the coffee much faster.

Step it up ☕

An epic adventure

Ever thought about going backpacking? Whether you’re going on the Appalachian trail, hiking the Pacific coast, or venturing somewhere exotic, you’ve got to budget and be prepared.

Get a budget tracker or savings app with a goal set for your trip’s budget. Have a whiteboard? Write your budget on it. Or write it on a piece of paper and tape it to your wall somewhere you’ll see it every day. Focus on the end goal – but you can set small goals throughout the time you’ve set and reward yourself for meeting them with a night out or a spa day!

Make a packing list – then shorten it. Remember, if you’re backpacking, then everything’s gotta fit in the backpack or it’s not going. So find a good backpack and make sure everything you want to take fits. If it doesn’t fit, decide whether or not you can live without it for your trip. And you’ll also have to actually be able to carry this backpack, so don’t over-stuff it just for the sake of taking more with you!

Pick an awesome destination. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you remember your passport! There are a lot of amazing, inexpensive destinations to go to, but the flights will still cost you. If you’d rather stay in the US, there are plenty of great national parks and other beautiful areas to go.

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Monday Shower Thoughts 

  1. My iPhone needs to be on charge so often, it may as well be a landline.
  2. If I was the last person left on earth I think I would still use my turn signal
  3. My daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, & hating humans for no apparent reason. I’m a cat with a driver’s license.
  4. My mind always connected the dots that a puffer fish was puffing up with air. I just now realized that doesn’t make any sense at all.
  5. As I get old, I get way more excited when people cancel plans with me than when people make plans with me.

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