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College is High-Key Stressful

College often feels like a never-ending to-do list. Between studying for your classes, maintaining an off-campus job, searching for that perfect summer internship, and engaging in extracurriculars, it’s all too common to feel ‘burnt out.’ And did I mention you somehow have to fit in time to see your friends as well? I’m exhausted just writing about it.

Seek immediate help if you need it.

However, there’s a difference between feeling stress and struggling with your mental health. If you’re starting to feel like every day and every task is a chore, or your thoughts are often turning to negativity about yourself and your life, it’s time to explore your options in terms of mental health counseling. Mental health counseling can seem daunting or even inaccessible if you’re a college student. Therapists and psychologists are expensive, and appointments are often booked months in advance. Though it may seem impossible to take the first step in acknowledging your declining mental health, there’s a place that makes all these resources and more available to you: your college campus.

You may believe that your college’s mental health resources begin and end at puppy therapy and homework snack breaks (though, I would never say no to therapy dogs). However, there are innumerable ways to take advantage of your local student health center in order to receive the help you truly deserve. It all starts with the first call—once you take that first step, a weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.

Above all, if you severely struggling and don’t know where to turn— and if you’re at risk of hurting yourself— don’t wait to make an appointment at your local student health center. Either call 911 or your university health center’s emergency line and ask for help. If you’re in the middle of a mental break and you know that a quick behavioral consultation won’t be effective, there is absolutely no shame in undergoing a wellness check or checking yourself into the hospital. Don’t be afraid to ask for help just because you think it makes you weak or you’re afraid of the stigma. You belong here, and though college may be stressful, you will make it through even your darkest days.

Call your student health center!

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