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We’re getting super close to back-to-school season, which means that a TON of school, dorm, and college supplies are on saaaaaaaale. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

These sales are typically 20-60% off of clothing, laptops, desks, notebooks, backpacks, and more. Some stores even have “events” that last one or more days where they’ll pitch all their on-sale items to you.

Need a new computer? Best Buy has some awesome deals on several different laptops. Need upgrades to your dorm/apartment furniture? Check out Target and IKEA for their amazing sales events.

Even Amazon has their own college department – and they’ve put together shopping lists for you already!

These sales tend to be fairly short-lived, so take advantage of them while you can. Good luck!

Super shoppers

Speaking of sales…

At this online store, everything is pretty much always on sale. Sort of.

Everything at Brandless is $3. Always. All the time. Forever. Why? How? Because they took away what they call the “brand tax” – which is basically the extra premium you pay for a brand-name product at the store. Ever notice how the name-brand flour is like $2 more expensive than the store brand? It’s like that.

By only offering one version of each item, there’s no competition between brands on their platform. All of their merchandise comes in very basic packaging that, instead of flaunting a brand name, just has the name of the product itself and a list of a few “highlights” about it.

So far, their selection is pretty limited, since they’re relatively new to the online retail world. They sell food items (only non-perishables right now), kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and more.

The one weird thing is… they want to be brandless… but they’ve trademarked… Brandless? Whatever works, I guess!

The Brandless Brand

In the News This Week:

Bey Twins: there has been an official unveiling of the Queen Bey’s and Jay Z’s new little humans.

Whoops: pretty high on the list of things-you-don’t-want-to-hear from surgeons, banks, and, well, people in charge of the integrity of your private information. People who emailed the White House asking them not to collect or use their personal information had their personal information released… by the White House.

Awwwww: in a weird nature event, a leopard cub was seen nursing from a lioness. Typically, lionesses are very territorial and will eat the young of other species, especially other cats. Not this time!

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