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Cope As a College Senior

College is scary. It was scary from the start. It was terrifying in the middle. And you better believe that it’s an absolute horror show at the end. But now that these four years are almost over, I don’t want to leave. The majority of my peers are applying for jobs and getting accepted into graduate school, and I’m just now realizing that I have absolutely no idea what’s next. It would be great to tell myself that it’s going to fall into place. That everything will be okay in the end – and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end yet. But that’s not always true.

Practice healthy short-term coping mechanisms

For the majority of college women out there, a perfect life won’t just fall into our laps. There’s going to be graduation anxiety and the fear of not knowing what’s over the horizon. But alongside those 2 a.m. panic attacks, it’s important to remember that if you don’t know what’s coming next, you’re not alone.

Having transition anxiety is almost a rite of passage. There will certainly be those outliers who have everything lined up (or at least have an idea), but the overwhelming majority of seniors are freaking out, I promise. And because we’re all in this together, here are some tips I’ve collected about how to make this upcoming change a little bit easier.

Moving from one part of your life to the next is hard and there’s rarely an easy way to tackle the issue. However, Dr. Edie Stark, a licensed clinical social worker, told Brit + Co that major life transitions are big stressors. “Transitions to or from college are hotbeds for maladaptive coping skills to arise. When we are in a new environment, filled with new stressors, our bodies and minds can go into panic mode.” So, it’s important to understand that the pressure you’re feeling to create stability is inevitable. 

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Best Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is the holy grail of all supermarkets. I would personally rank it #1 out of all grocery stores. They have everything from produce to gourmet frozen dinners and literally every possible snack. Listed below are twenty-eight items that you need to pick up next time you’re there, because you need to shop the best Trader Joe’s snacks, trust me.  P.S. – Do not go to Trader Joe’s hungry because they are always passing out samples, and you will end up with a ton in your cart.

The best Trader Joe’s drinks

Cold Brew Concentrate – Need an afternoon pick me up or a morning buzz? Get the cold brew concentrate and add some milk and water and it is to die for.

Mango Pineapple Juice – If you are a juice fan then pick up the mango pineapple juice, it will quench your thirst with the perfect amount of sweetness.

The best Trader Joe’s snacks
Trader Joe’s Tempting Trail Mix – Get your protein fix and satisfy your sweet tooth with the Trader Joe’s Tempting trail mix that has the perfect ratio between nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate!

Baked Cheese Cheetos – Basically the healthier version of Crunchies.

Plantain Chips (Sweetened) – They are so crunchy and sweet. It is the perfect sweet and salty snack.

Dining on a budget!

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