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Are you considering applying to a job in a creative field like web design, graphic design, or writing? Your dream job will probably come with a lot of competition, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Where do you start?

Your resume. It’s the first thing that most recruiters or hiring managers will see from you – if it doesn’t grab their attention, you can kiss that prospective job goodbye. It’s always important to showcase your most relevant experience and education on your resume, but nearly everyone does it the same way. The first way to grab someone’s attention is with the visual presentation.

Resumes should always be tidy and easy to read/interpret, but you have a lot of leeway when it comes to how you organize and present your information. This is especially important for graphic designers, artists, and others aspiring for jobs in creative fields – you want to showcase you.

There are some brilliantly creative resumes out there. Some people have created websites for themselves, which also contain a portfolio of their online and physical projects and experience. Others go for a physically mailed portfolio package, containing the resume, application, portfolio, cover letter, and certificates. Others have gotten even more creative, creating videos, games, QR codes, sending boxes of chocolates with their resumes printed on the box, or even printing their resumes on a carton of milk.

Check out more of the most creative resumes:

Creativity is key

And now for something completely different

Have you ever felt like… maybe college just isn’t right for you?

Some people don’t feel like they ever really fit into the current model for higher education. The fact that you have to pay to take general education or elective courses that are irrelevant to your degree (and that you’ll probably forget in a year) is frustrating to many students. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options for vocational schools or alternative means of education beyond high school in America. The Internet is, however, starting to make education – the kind you can put on a resume – easier and cheaper to access for everyone.

With smartphones and wifi just about everywhere, it’s almost like everyone can know everything these days. But these education companies aren’t looking to just give you the instant gratification of answering a questions you might have on some given day – they’re looking to give you certifications and degrees that you can put to use in applying for jobs in the real world. They’re reinventing the way students will see college in the years to come.

Most of these ventures are all online, with little in-person interaction. Critics of the online schools say that they’re more like job-training programs and that it’s detrimental to take away the broader education that traditional college can provide.

The most important piece of the current education model that these companies are looking to address is the cost. Many will have much lower costs due to lack of a physical campus and the use of open-source material as opposed to expensive textbooks.

College: reinvented

In the News This Week:

Agent 007: James Bond is back. The newest movie is in production and has a 2019 release date, with Daniel Craig returning as the classic British spy.

NFL and CTE: the latest brain study to be released by the NFL examined the brains of 111 former football players… and only one didn’t have CTE. Yikes.

Tacos and Lyft: Lyft is partnering with Taco Bell to create a “taco mode” within their app – catering to the crowd of drunk kids who need a ride home and some junk food.

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