Crowd Surf & The Defenders


Crowd Surfing the Internet

What does that even mean? In the ongoing battle between Snapchat and Instagram, Snapchat has brought in artificial intelligence to up its game.

Its newest feature is called Crowd Surf, and it’s actually pretty awesome. Ever missed out on a concert that you really wanted to go to, but couldn’t afford tickets or couldn’t get there? Or maybe you got there, but your seats weren’t great? Well, now you can view it from any angle, any time, anywhere.

How does it work?

The artificial intelligence aspect that Snapchat has employed can analyze when a bunch of people are all recording the same thing at the same time, say, a concert, for instance.

Snapchat’s AI then takes all the different cameras that are recording and creates a video with all of them, so you can see the concert from any angle. The song keeps playing, so it’s not a disjointed series of videos from different parts of the song.

You can bet that Insta will be hot on their heels with this feature. May the best social media platform win!

No mo’ FOMO

The Defenders are here

Well… almost.

If you’re a Marvel fan, listen up. Netflix originals Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist have all been knockouts on their own, and they’re all back.

This time: together

The newest mini-series from Marvel and Netflix’s partnership debuts on Friday (that’s tomorrow, in case you forgot)

We all know that Marvel has delivered when it comes to the cinema-level quality of their streaming series. The newest (and final) trailer for The Defenders has been released, and it’s epic – just as we expected.

The hype is real

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