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These Office Etiquette Rules Will Help You Crush It At Your First Job

You did the work, put in the hours, dominated your 29,348 internships, and made it to the gleaming light at the end of the tunnel that is college graduation. Now, after writing enough cover letters to make your head spin, you officially got your first Big Girl Job. You’re a badass. You’re finally going to be getting a wow-I-can-actually-kind-of-afford-my-rent paycheck!

Beware of the ‘Reply All’ button

Getting a new job is exciting (and so is that email signature featuring Y-O-U). To make sure you crush it from day one, we put together a few office etiquette rules to keep in mind. Because office culture in the digital age goes way beyond not microwaving fish for lunch (still…don’t do that).

Nothing screams ‘Hello, I’m new here and have no idea what I’m doing’ like replying all to an email when you only meant to reply to the original sender. Trust me when I say that the whole marketing department does not care that you’d like steak instead of chicken at the summer party, and your entire company does not need to know that you’ll be driving separately to Saturday’s fundraising event. Obviously, you should word all of your work emails carefully, but take extra caution to hit the ‘reply’ button with one arrow, not two.

We’ve all dealt with those people—the ones who send a ‘heyyy just following up on this!’ email after approximately five minutes. Nothing makes me not want to respond to an email more than someone constantly pestering me about it. To avoid this, Gmail has a great new feature that will “nudge” you after a couple days if you haven’t received a response, which is a great baseline for time between follow-ups. Personally, I like to set reminders in my calendar to follow up with someone after a day or two, assuming they won’t have responded by then.

Pinpoint the Slackers in the office!

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