Cycflix & Last iPod Standing


Get fit while you binge

Someone has finally invented sweatflix. Except they didn’t call it that, which is a real shame if you ask me.

Cycflix is the name, fitness is the game. According to TechCrunch, Cycflix is a project that lets you hook a stationary bike up with your Netflix account so that your favorite shows only play if you stick to your fitness routine.

It works by hooking up an Arduino to your stationary bike, which, with Dublin Institute of Technology student Ronan Byrne’s Python script, can control your Netflix based on how hard you’re pedaling. If you drop below a certain pace for too long, the show will automatically pause until you bring it up again.

If you’ve become a major couch potato while binge-watching Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, you’re not alone. With many Americans looking to lose weight and get fit, this product could be life-changing.

Keep up the pace!

Another one bites the dust

Remember the iPod? Yeah, me neither.

Just kidding, it wasn’t that long ago. However, Apple has decided to kill off two more of the iPod family, the nano and the shuffle, leaving just the iPod touch standing as the last vestige of the iPod family.

The dawn of the smartphone means more and more people are using just one device for all of their needs: music, videos, photos, calls, texts, and internet. Frankly, most of what I can do on my computer, I can do from my phone.

Obviously, devices evolve as newer, smaller, better technology becomes available, and as the markets for those older devices diminish. If you’d believe it, though, the first iPod was introduced in 2001. iPod isn’t even 20, and they’ve already shut down almost all of them. It’s bittersweet, really.

Nostalgia 101

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