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Feel-Good Things to Do This Month

Let’s be real — between classes, part-time jobs, club meetings and more, college life can feel super overwhelming at times. When things get hectic in your personal and professional life, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We might miss out on giving someone a genuine compliment that brightens their day, or a volunteer opportunity that does an immense amount of good in our community.

Buy a stranger coffee

If you’re in the mood to do something good on a whim, offer to buy coffee for the person behind you next time you’re at Starbucks. This can easily put someone in a good mood, especially if they’re having a bad day.

Support your local farmer’s market or mom and pop’s store every once in a while. To work towards making it a habit, vow to visit the farmer’s market every Saturday morning or a new local art store every Sunday.

While it seems like there’s never ever have enough time to even breathe in college, it’s important to stop and think about the impact you can have in someone else’s life. Only positivity can come out of doing feel-good things in your community, so give it a try!

Never skip compassion!

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Myths About Traveling

Travel is something so special — each time is a new experience, a different place. Even revisiting a place doesn’t feel the same. With these experiences come little pockets of knowledge, realizations and lessons that really help for all your future adventures.

The myths

When traveling, it’s super easy to be caught up in myths and ideas of what a “proper” travel experience should look like. However, don’t let these myths and expectations ruin your travel experience. At the end of the day, it’s all about carving your own journey wherever you go. Here are 5 myths to get out of your head before starting your next adventure. 

I’ve never really been one to enjoy routine, but there is definitely some security that comes with knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. Before I travel somewhere, I always make an extensive plan of what there is to do, see, eat, try — but the truth is, there’s rarely been a time where I fully follow this plan. Not only does planning minute by minute ignore contingencies and variables that are out of your control, but it also limits the autonomy of your experience.

When abroad, I’m sure you’ve heard – or even said –  something of the sort, “we didn’t come all the way here to eat the same fried chicken you have at home.” But I feel it can sometimes be justified! Again, don’t get me wrong. Trying out local cuisine is an important part of experiencing new places and it plays a role in supporting local businesses. However, at least for me, food can be a bit complicated. In Lisbon, I wasn’t able to try its famous pastéis de nata (Portuguese egg custard tarts) because, well, I’m allergic to eggs. Same story with a lot of French pastries. So I’ve learned not to feel ashamed or guilty if what I really, really want is to have is some KFC.

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