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How to Rebrand Your LinkedIn

With over 500 million members, LinkedIn is basically the largest professional networking website in the world. 40 percent of members log in daily to post, search for jobs, recruit job candidates, and connect with people across the globe.

Refresh your profile

It has become one of the best resources for college students to research companies, apply for jobs and internships, and find mentors, but tons of students aren’t utilizing their LinkedIn accounts. If you’re a first-timer, it can feel difficult to navigate, and hard to connect with people if you don’t have professional contacts yet. But if you can learn to utilize LinkedIn, it will become one of your most important resources when looking for jobs and internships. So, if you’re ready to step up your online presence and use it as a tool to reach you career goals, read along for the best ways to make your LinkedIn useful and intentional. 

The photo doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just make sure that you are dressed professionally (think a blouse or collared shirt and blazer), and that the image genuinely reflects who you are as a person. For example, if you’re interested in working in the fashion industry, choose a chic, stylish outfit that will show the world that you keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Are you an author? Snap a photo of you holding a book near your face or on your lap, so that people will notice it right away when they see your photo. 

The site can definitely seem intimidating, especially if you don’t know how to use it. But if you can rebrand your LinkedIn and learn to use it to build your professional network, it can become one of your most important resources when searching for internships, connecting with recruiters and marketing yourself to potential employers.

Time for a re-vamp!

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Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

Dealing with finances in college can be just as stressful as balancing your coursework, student organizations, and a social life. It’s important to keep spending, especially on menial things, to a minimum. But every once in a while it’s important to get your girl gang together and go out to a nice dinner. So we rounded up 10 student-approved ways to save major cash when you’re dining out without sacrificing your bougie AF taste, so you can savor more and worry less.

Do your research

Before you even step foot in the restaurant, do some precautionary research. The internet is your oyster––search for menus, prices and reviews on Google or Yelp to see where you can get the best bang for your buck. Plus, you’ll stress less once you’re actually at the restaurant and will know what to expect.

When going out to eat, find friends with a similar palate and you’ll save big just because you can share everything. If apps are your jam, find three that you and your friends can all share and make that your meal. Or, pair up and split entrees––they’re usually big enough for two people. If your gals all have very different tastes in food, get your own food, but make sure you take the leftovers home so you can make another meal out of it.

Do you go to college in the city? We have good news for you. If you haven’t explored your city’s Chinatown or Koreatown, now is the time. “When I go out with friends, I love going to Chinatown in NYC and Philly because the portions are big, cheap, and enough to share,” says Amanda Brown, a senior at Temple University. “Plus it gives you the option of trying new cuisine that you may not have gotten if it was just you.” 

Dining on a budget!

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