Faking Sick


Faking sick

Food poisoning is the worst, no doubt about it. Most of us have had it, and it seems like cases of it are on the rise because of food processing and irrigation. If you actually do get food poisoning, you should report it, buuuuut what happens when you fake the stomach bug? Evidently a lot more than you’d think.

Lying doesn’t pay

A couple has been sentenced to several months in prison after falsely reporting food poisoning after two trips to Spain. They claimed £19,958 in damages—that’s over $26,000—before being found out. The judge told the couple, “You thought it would be easy money,” and gave a harsh warning to others considering similar schemes.

So what did we learn here? Well, maybe don’t lie for money. That’d be a good start.

False food poisoning

Cracking the case

While we’re on the topic of food poisoning (pleasant, I know), several people received some good news this month—if they like eggs, that is. Almost 30 years after the UK’s salmonella crisis, the government announced that pregnant women, children, and the elderly can now safely eat eggs with runny yolks.

Safety first

A report from the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) stated that levels of salmonella in eggs had been “drastically reduced” since 1980 when the crisis began. Safe eggs are now stamped with a British Lion, so consumers can rest assured that they’re out of harm’s way. I, for one, am ecstatic for them. Those yolks are liquid gold.

Egg ’em on

Today I learned…

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