Find zen during finals

Ways to stay Zen during finals

With finals just around the corner, organization is key. Of course, the obvious signs of organization come from a clean room and a neatly arranged desk, but sometimes the less obvious but more important space for organization around finals time is within your mind. By organizing your thoughts and feelings before finals week, you are more likely to be able to think clearly and study for your exams in a more meaningful way. I’m here to give you some tips on how to do some mental decluttering so that you can reap the benefits during finals week!

Stay calm

One of the quickest ways to throw your mental organization out the window is by freaking out. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your list of to-dos just keeps getting higher and your list of “dones” pales in comparison, but the important thing to keep in mind is that the end is in sight. By staying calm and making sure your priorities are in order, you will have a much greater sense of clarity when trying to study!

With so much to do in so little time, wasting time looking at cat memes and that guy you hate from middle school’s posts takes a big chunk out of the time you could spend studying or sleeping. For finals week, consider deleting your social media accounts. Your mental health and your studying habits will thank you for it.

Making sure to keep your priorities in mind during finals week will help you to focus better when you have free time. By making a list of your priorities and keeping them in mind, you will stay on track and your study sessions will pass by quickly thanks to your on-track mind. Making sure you take care of yourself is imperative during finals week; if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t expect yourself to do well on exams. By ensuring that the time you spend preparing for finals is used in the most efficient way, you will be able to crush your finals!

Create a mental checklist!

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Stop Competing to See Who’s the Busiest? 

I know this may be hard to hear, but bear with me. You, reading this right now, may be thinking of all the things you have to do. Maybe it’s paying the bills, starting your homework, submitting an assignment or just cooking dinner. Maybe you have children to take care of, are the lead on a huge work project or are trying to find a summer internship. No matter what it is that keeps you tossing and turning at night, something on that list fits into a category of your life. You are either a student, a parent or someone with a career. Maybe you’re all three. You’re probably exhausted, running behind on your bill payment, haven’t even thought about starting your homework, aren’t sure which assignment is due tonight and don’t even know what you’re going to cook for dinner.

Because you’re busy

“I’m so sorry I didn’t text back, I’ve just been so busy!” “Oh, I never have time to check social media anymore, I’m way too busy.” “You’re so lucky you have time to start a new TV show, I’m way too busy for that.” Whether you’ve said or been told these phrases in some capacity, they have probably crossed your path at one point or another. For me, it seems that I am swimming in the “I’m-Too-Busy” excuse ocean, and personally, I am ready to get out.

You may be reading this confused about why being “busy” is such a bad thing. Productivity is good, right? It drives our economy, motivates us to manage our time and organize our lives and provides structure and routine, does it not? While I agree on all of these counts, dear reader, I will argue this: being busy in American culture has become more than just a motivational tool to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

I won’t lie, it’s easy to get pulled into the tide of the I’m-Too-Busy excuse ocean. Everyone else is swimming right along, splashing each other with the I’m-so-sorry’s and I-have-zero-time’s. As I said, it’s part of our culture to overwork ourselves, and it’s perfectly okay to enjoy being productive. Where we need to stop and think is when we let the joy of being busy come before the joy of being free. When we start taking pleasure in being stressed and overwhelmed because we think it makes us better than those who are not. There is a reason that being “busy,” is exactly that – it’s a state of being, a fluid shape. It is not permanent and was never meant to be.

Being “busy”!

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