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Best food blogs

Seems like just about everything I scroll past on social media has something to do with food. Everyone’s posting the latest recipes, videos of the latest food crazes, popular restaurants, and more.

I, personally, am a huge fan of Buzzfeed’s Tasty – the recipe videos are fun and quick to watch, so they pull me in right away (yes, I know, that’s the point). Beyond that though, I’ve actually tried several of the recipes from them and they’ve turned out pretty well. Some of them required more than one try to get it right, though.

That’s why I also love finding food blogs that are geared toward, well, real people without commercial kitchens, fancy equipment, and expensive ingredients. While Tasty’s recipes are cool and a lot are easy and inexpensive to make, there are others I’d love to try that involve ingredients that I just don’t have the budget for or cooking utensils that I just don’t have.

Student food blogs tend to be the best ones for people like you and me – looking for easy, affordable recipes that we can realistically make at home. The College Food Blog (real creative name, guys) is a great one to check out, along with Budget BytesGood Cheap Eats, and Full-Thyme Student (yeah, she went there). These blogs and more will help you find great, delicious recipes that fit your student budget.

Bon appetit!

Foodie aspirations

Are you an aspiring chef? Want to get your name and recipes out there?

One way to do that is by starting a food blog. If you build a large enough following, it can even earn you some money or become a career. It’s not something that will happen overnight, but it’s a great way to showcase your work and talent as you work your way through culinary school and/or various cooking jobs.

There are lots of people already on the food blog train, and many of them have provided tips to their followers who are also aspiring bloggers. The first step, though, is to learn how to blog. There are great platforms like WordPressWeeblyWix, and others that allow you to create free blogs with a domain containing their name – or you can pay for your own unique domain.

You’ll also need to work on promoting yourself to get enough followers if you want to make money off of the blog. There’s a lot of work that goes into the blogging industry in general, especially because there are so many food bloggers out there. It’s competitive, but many bloggers out there are also supportive and help each other out by featuring each others’ posts and providing tips and tricks of the trade.

Find the Foodies

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