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In this blog post, I’ll take you through each step of the interview process at the big firm, while using snippets of my own story to show you how to crush your own job interviews.


Here’s a secret all successful interviewees know: 80% of the work required to succeed in an interview is achieved before the actual interview. The pre-interview tips are designed to help you prepare and relax so that when you get to the interview, it’ll seem more like a conversation and less like an interrogation.

Keep in mind that, even if you’re desperate for a job, the company is almost as anxious to find someone capable to hire. Most companies need to attract the best talent, but don’t have their pick. Even at Google, the talent war is real.

Aim to arrive at least 20 minutes before the interview starts, just in case there are detours or unexpected circumstances on the way. Then, call or make yourself known to the hiring manager 5-10 minutes before the interview time. This way, you’re not interrupting their work too early, while also giving them enough time to wrap up what they’re doing and meet you.

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Alternatives to Traditional Employment

What do you see yourself doing after graduation? when most people consider their post-college plans, they usually come down to one of two things: pursue further education, or get a job at a medium to large company. And there’s nothing wrong with either of these paths. Chosen and funded correctly, further education can be a fulfilling option that can increase your future job prospects and further your intellectual development. Likewise, a job at a Fortune 1000 (or similar established company), can be the beginning of a meaningful career path.

Work for a Startup

What a lot of students forget, however, is that there are other options. The path after graduation is not a two-pronged fork, each path a straight career trajectory that will determine the rest of your life. It’s more like a a bunch of squiggly lines that radiate out from the central point that is college, overlapping into a variety of infinite possibilities.

There’s lots of buzz around founding a startup, but what gets less attention is the value that comes from working at a startup company. When you hop on as an early employee, you may sacrifice the stability and higher salary that comes with a job a larger, more established company. 

Since college has become more accessible and common, people have largely forgotten about apprenticeships. The fact remains, however, that they are one of the best ways to quickly accelerate your learning. Sure, you probably won’t make much money doing them, but the skills, experience, and connections you’ll gain will be of massive value over the course of your career.

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