Gain some cred


Gain some cred

As you’re moving from college out into the real world, it’s important to set yourself up to stand out. Recruiters will scan through dozens of resumes before they reach yours—what’s going to make them stop and read more? One stellar way to beat the competition is by gaining extra certifications in your desired field. Some of them cost money, but we’ve got your back, so we’re hooking you up with a few free ones here.

Consider your goals

Choose your certifications wisely; they often require a bit of a time investment, so you don’t want to sign up for just anything. It helps to make a list of your future goals and figure out which certifications align with those things. In short: that color theory certification might sound interesting, but if you’re not super-interested in doing anything design-related, it might be wise to prioritize a different program.

Once you’ve completed a certification program or two, feel free to stick ’em in a special spot on your resume. Add them to your LinkedIn too—the platform has a section just for awards and certifications, and it makes you look mega-credible if you’ve got a thing or two there. Check out the list in the link below to find a few free opportunities!
Spice up your resume

Ok, Google

Move over, Siri—there’s a new digital assistant in town. Google Assistant, the brains behind Google Home, is capable of tons of tasks. The program can schedule events, set alarms, access your Google accounts, and, of course, Google anything. Perhaps the best feature, though, is its hidden host of witty responses.

Make ’em laugh

Siri has this feature, too (ever asked her what 0 divided by 0 is?) but Google Assistant’s responses are quite possibly even funnier and more impressive. Like, you can ask it to beatbox, and it’ll beatbox. Try it, seriously. “Ok, Google, beatbox.” It’ll blow your mind.

While Google Assistant definitely wasn’t created to entertain, it sure is good at it. Added bonus: it’ll keep you company when you’re sitting on the couch and Netflixing by yourself. Thanks, Google Assistant. You’re a real pal.
Brighten your day

In the News This Week:

Lone wolf: Syria agreed to sign the Paris climate agreement one short month after Nicaragua, leaving the U.S. as the sole non-signatory nation.

Living in the future: Stephen Hawking warned that the development of AI could be “the worst event in the history of our civilization” unless strict precautions are taken.

Ethical farming: The World Health Organization (WHO) called for farmers to stop using antibiotics on their animals, a practice that contributes to drug resistance in humans.

From the Blog

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