Get your ducks in a row


Get your ducks in a row

Shoutout to all my fellow list-lovers: Todoist is here with a game-changing to-do list app. That’s right, kids. It’s time to start taking down all those Post-its that have long since lost their stickiness and start heading into the 21st century. Keep all your lists in one spot and start slaying life. It’s your time to shine, you lil list-maker you.

Keep it together

Todoist has a ton of features that make it a phenomenal tool for the organization-obsessed. First of all, it’s cloud-based, meaning you can carry your to-do lists with you wherever you go. Don’t even worry about accidentally leaving your phone at home; you’ll have your lists on your laptop, your tablet, and probably your forehead, knowing you.

You can also color-code your tasks (YES!) based on urgency, so you can eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do first. The app also allows you to create projects with tasks and sub-tasks, which you can organize with due dates, reminders, flags, and more.

My favorite feature is Todoist’s natural language input, which lets you set recurring tasks using language that makes sense. For example, when I set up the app, I typed “newsletter every weekday” into the box, and it set a recurring reminder for me to complete this newsletter Monday–Friday. Meaning I’ll never forget about you. Just like you’ll never forget about anything ever again. You’re welcome.
Get mega-organized

All-around wellness

Most universities have plentiful resources for students with physical disabilities. There are accommodations for just about every condition under the sun—but what about students struggling with mental health challenges? Too often, students don’t receive proper aid, even after requesting it.

Justice for all

Some students are even taking their universities to court over the matter. Especially considering recent jacks in tuition rates, it seems like a no-brainer for all students to feel adequately supported by their school’s mental health services. “I honestly think they thought I was more trouble than I was worth because of the disability provisions that I was requesting,” said one student, who has since pursued legal action against her university.

These students are asking for less talk and more action. “We can talk about it all we like,” another student said, “but if there’s not the provision to help people, there’s not the funding [for] the psychological services, and there’s not the funding from the government for mental health services, then what is talk going to do? There’s no action.”

If you think you might need mental health help, don’t be afraid to reach out. Many universities have proper provisions in place, and they can be life-saving. Remember: your health and well-being are most important. Take care of yourself!
Help can’t hurt

Monday Shower Thoughts

  • Maybe air has a smell, but we’ve gotten used to it so we don’t notice.
  • Chocolate is a flavor of milk, yet milk is also a flavor of chocolate.
  • Children are just like free apps with a ton of in-app purchases.
  • New refrigerators should come with a gift card to the grocery store instead of a mail-in rebate.
  • What if Trix are still in the shape of fruit, but we can’t see them because we aren’t kids anymore?

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