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15 Money-Savvy Women On How They Began Investing (And Why You Should Too)

By now, you probably know the basics of getting your money in order (no shame if you don’t though). It looks like this: Pay down debt, build an emergency fund, prepare for retirement, and try to have some fun in between. If you’ve managed to make your money work for you, you deserve a clap. *clap clap*

Time to start investing

Investing is a whole different ball game though, and it pays to get some savvy advice from our peers. So, we talked to 15 in-the-know women about investing and why it works for them. Whether they had some help from their parents, or they did it the hard way (with blood, sweat, and tears), these women are living proof that compound interest and time are your new best friends. Read on.

Samantha, 25, Canada- Stocks: $18,900 (CAD). I wanted to start investing because I’m now in my mid-twenties and I have to start planning for my future. I still live at home and I do not pay rent. After meeting with my financial adviser, I learned it’s important to communicate … how much you’re willing to invest regularly. I started to invest last year because I’d saved up quite a bit of money and it was sitting there in savings. I was collecting interest, but I wanted more risk. I still have a bit of money in my personal savings account too, just in case.

Chantelle, 26, Australia. I’ve always been fascinated by finance, investments, psychology and design. Since I started buying cryptocurrencies, I’ve grown the value of my portfolio by almost 200 percent. A large [part] of my investments are in Bitcoin. It has attributes like gold, so I hold it for long term appreciation, as a store-of-value asset. My investment journey began when my roommate was going on about Bitcoin. I remember [him] asking me: “Why are you studying finance? Everything you’re learning is going to be obsolete by the time you’re done.” After a while, I realized I could do much more by working in a startup, so I bought some crypto, joined a startup (Amber) and the rest is history.

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