Make self-care Sunday more sustainable!


How to Make Your Self-Care Sunday More Sustainable

Don’t hate me for saying this, but your self-care routine is worthless if it’s harmful for the planet. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon everything you know and love about your seven-step skincare routine, but there’s a few teeny tiny adjustments you can make to your Sunday ritual that have a huge impact on our one and only home. That’s why we’ve partnered with Brita, to help you filter your habits to live more sustainably—mind, body, and soul. Here, seven easy changes you can make right now.

Hydration is key, single-use plastic is not

Proper hydration is the best thing you can do for your body. Care for yourself and the planet when you reduce your single-use plastic footprint by switching to a reusable water bottle with built-in filter and refillable water filter pitcher. It’s a tiny change for you that makes a huge difference for Mother 🌎. 

Before you introduce more ~excess~ into your medicine cabinet, try a DIY hair mask using products you already have…in your pantry. Those brown bananas, week-old Greek yogurt, and oversized olive oil can all be put to good use—see some amazing, moisturizing recipes for those split ends here. (More of a coconut oil gal? We’ve got you covered.)

Shedding clutter from my packed closet is one of my favorite ways to Self-Care Sunday, and one woman’s old blazer is another’s oversized dream. Bless someone else with the gift of the perfect OOTD when you donate your old clothes instead of tossing them—it’s one less *new* outfit being purchased into circulation. 

Pack up and donate clothes that no longer spark joy!

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