Hacks to Afford Life’s Necessities!


Hacks to Afford Life’s Necessities in a Budget-Friendly Way

In last week’s Ask Me Anything (AMA)  on Instagram, which I do weekly if you don’t follow me there, I posed the question “Ask Me Anything about ways to afford life’s necessities in a budget-friendly way”. 

Healthy groceries is always a struggle for me to keep in budget…

Of course the basics of food, clothing, shelter and transportation are part of life’s necessities. But the times have changed and access to the internet, a computer and a cell phone are also necessities now. Not just for pleasure and entertainment, but in order to do many jobs and stay connected with people. It still makes me chuckle when I get asked to make a call on a landline. I haven’t had access to a landline phone since 2007 when I went to college! (Hmm, that’s starting to date me now…). 

Obviously, a smartphone is an absolute imperative for me to do my job. I couldn’t even host the AMA without one. However, the cost of buying one be painful at best and prohibitive at worst for many people. For this AMA, I partnered with ZTE, which recently released its latest phone, the Axon 10 Pro. The Axon 10 Pro is not only a legitimately beautifully designed phone, but it features 256 GB of memory, which means no longer having to keep deleting photos to free up space! (Or is that just me?) Best part, it starts at only $549.98 — which is significantly cheaper than comparable models.

Oooh, I understand this very much. It’s insane how expensive it can be to eat healthy, especially depending on where you live. The quality of food in my grocery basket went up significantly when I started earning more money. One thing I’d start with is focusing on where the difference between fresh or frozen/canned makes the biggest difference in your eating style. Also, identifying the types of food for which you’re willing to pay more based on taste and/or ethics. E.g. I always buy organic milk, grass-fed beef, eggs from free-range chickens too. But I’m less picky about fruits and veggies. I’ve also started baking bread at home in my Dutch oven (so easy!).

Groceries and gas?!? 

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