Gen X, the forgotten middle child!?



If you want to know how Gen X feels, look no further than a recent news segment. As CBSNLive reported on generations, their chart looked…well, wrong. Hmmm…what could be missing? Just Gen X. Forgotten. Again.

Gen X feels invisible.

That’s right; it often feels as if we don’t exist AT ALL. It is not uncommon in my workshops on generational differences for younger attendees to admit they didn’t know there was a generation between Boomers and millennials.

I promise this post is not a rant. Rather, it’s an explanation of who we (yes, I am a proud Gen Xer) are…and what makes us tick, similar to recent posts on Gen Z and millennials. Look around your multigenerational office and you’re bound to see one of us. Here’s what you need to know.

And not just on news graphics. We understand: It’s a numbers thing. There were only about 55 million of us born in the United States from approximately 1965 to 1980—compared with 76 million Baby Boomers and 62 million millennials. We were referred to as the “baby bust” generation.

Gen X is independent—and a little cautious!

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