Can Instagram help your career!?


As a millennial, it’s not enough to use social media to share your vacation photos or keep tabs on your favorite celebrities. Social media can be a powerful networking tool to help you build your career.

Social Media Today

And, especially if you’re a millennial, current and prospective employers will expect you to be social media-savvy. LinkedIn isn’t your only online resume anymore — recruiters are often looking at the personal brand you’ve built everywhere online. Admittedly this more important in some industries (marketing, PR, fashion, politics) than others (accounting, biotech, manufacturing), but you might be surprised where some companies are active online these days.

The articles below share advice on how social media can help you advance your career and how you can use LinkedIn and other social platforms to market yourself to recruiters and find interesting job opportunities.

6 Ways to Dial Up Social Media to Advance Your Career. Money: “Identify the individuals and companies you want to connect with; these might range from close colleagues to industry leaders. Again, ask coworkers for a few suggestions, then watch to see who those people interact with. Donna Svei, an executive search consultant, says she found Facebook groups for recruiters just ‘by seeing where my colleagues had joined on Facebook.’ Engage politely, [Dan] Schawbel says: ‘The best way to [approach] people that you don’t know on social networks is to follow them, retweet them, and respond to their comments.’ And don’t be selfish: ‘Always connect based on their interests first and your motives second.’”

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