Gift Ideas + Netflix Offline?

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We’re in the home stretch

When you go back to school right after the summer, things are exciting. Everything feels new. You get to see your friends for the first time in months, and you’ve got new classes.

But when you go back to school after Thanksgiving, the feeling is practically the exact opposite. With Christmas being right around the corner, it’s hard to concentrate and grind it out for those last few weeks of the semester.

Studies actually show that it’s harder to concentrate in the winter months. Some of us keep thinking about holidays, while others feel “drained” because of the weather. This article gives a few suggestions of things you can do to keep your brain focused.

One of the most effective tactics to stay focused is to actually schedule time to slack off. Schedule time to watch Netflix or whatever else you like doing. If you’ve got it on your calendar, then you’re more likely to stay focused on what you need to be doing for the rest of the day.

Unconventional holiday gifts

Sometimes, as people grow older, it’s hard to figure out what gift to get them. Have their interests changed at all? What if they don’t like that shirt? What kind of shows do they watch?

It’s easy to resort to gifting money or something generic. But if you’re willing to get creative, there are lots of unconventional gift ideas that can leave a memorable impression. like:

  • The Gift of Memories:You can create a postcard pack, and send one postcard per month to your giftee. You could include funny stories of things that happened in your life, adventures you had, and more.
  • The Gift of Experience:When thinking about what gift to send to our friends, most of us immediately resort to clothes, hand bags, games, or some other material object that they might like. But a more memorable gift is sending them on an experience. Get them ticket to a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, a salsa dancing class, or some other cool event.It doesn’t have to be expensive — in fact, you could even send a small travel gift card or even make a collection of pictures from their favorite adventures.

You can check out more memorable, unconventional gift ideas for the holidays here.

Uber Crazy

Uber drivers shared their funniest, craziest stories on Reddit. Here are some of them:

A habit is basically an automatic behavior you do without even consciously thinking about it.

  • One driver picked up a few guys that were headed to a friend’s hotel room to drink. They brought a trash bag full of Bud Light. On the way there, they decided to go to a bar instead. When they got out of the car, they forgot the Bud Light trash bag in the car. When the driver pointed this out, they said he could keep it as a tip. He got free beer for months.
  • Another driver was taking a few passengers home in the Michigan winter. He had three people get in his car, one being extremely drunk. When they got home, they weren’t able to get the drunk guy to get out of the car, so a fireman had to come and carry him out.Apparently the driver got a five star rating after that, so it was all worth it.

Netflix …offline?

Netflix has a new app feature that lets you download your favorite shows and movies for offline viewing — perfect for road trips, flights, or when there’s a big family arguement over the holidays and everyone stops talking to each other for a while.

In the left hand navigation bar of the Netflix app, you can click on a link that says “Available for Download”, and you’ll see a huge list of movies and shows. Right now, you can only download Netflix original content, but soon enough they’ll have shows like Orange is the New Black and Narcos added to the list. And you can even download in HD.

The feature is available on Android devices that are running 4.4.2 or later, and iOS devices that are running iOS 8.0 or later.

Happy binge watching!

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