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Remember when your choices for business communication were to make a phone call, mail a letter or use that dog-eared manila “interoffice” routing envelope? (Who says older generations weren’t into recycling?) As a proud Gen Xer, I sometimes miss the simplicity, but I also have learned to embrace the versatility of the many new communications options available today.


When you’re working with a variety of generations in the workplace, it’s important to remember that not everyone prefers the same channel of communication. And, once you’ve selected the method of communication, you also need to think about the words you are saying, which also will differ depending on your audience. Here are five articles I feel had particularly astute observations on melding the different communication styles of the five generations in today’s workplace.

“Most companies rely too heavily on one strategy for corporate communication. By making the same message available in multiple formats (thus increasing the number of times you communicate a message), you’ll ensure that you reach all workers. Silents and Baby Boomers may appreciate verbal communication about changes in policy or procedures, while Generation Xers and Millennials may prefer the use of e-mail, instant messages, or corporate broadcasts.” —Read more at American Management Association.

“Video recruitment has been steadily seeping into the market: some estimate up to 70% of companies are using some form of video or another in their hiring practices. Live chats and conferencing may dominate the candidate experience today, but video very well could take their place in the near future.” —Read more at HR Dive.


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