Are you way too stressed!?


6 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed Out & What to Do About It

As we hit crunch time in the semester and final papers, projects and exams take over every aspect of our lives, stress begins to pile up as well. And the worst part is, we’re so consumed by the things that are stressing us out that we don’t even notice the toll it’s taking on our mental and physical health. We asked both collegiettes and an expert to weigh in on some signs that indicate you’re way too stressed and what to do when that stress is becoming too much to handle.

You’re breaking out

One of the most common stress-related complaints from collegiates is that when they’ve got too much going on, their skin breaks out. “I’m not getting enough sleep when I’m stressed, and I’m not really taking care of my body how I should be,” admits Amber Layfield, a graduate of Appalachian State who notices that her skin tends to act up during stressful times. She adds that when she’s busy, important daily parts of her routine—like washing her face every night—sometimes get put on the back burner. Though it can be easy to abandon these habits because you’re so busy (or just because you forget), when you’re stressed out, taking care of yourself becomes all the more important.

Auburn University graduate Lindy Olive notes that her “eyes twitch and back aches” when she’s feeling stressed. “Yoga is a must,” she adds. “I always find time in my schedule for yoga and a workout.” So, yes, it is possible that the key to reducing stress may be to add yet another item to your already-packed schedule. However, setting aside time for the many positive physical and mental benefits of yoga (or another exercise routine you find enjoyable) can work wonders for your health..

How often do you complain to your friends or roommates that you’re tired or feeling sick? Probably a lot more than any of us would care to admit. “Many of us are actually stress addicts,” says Dr. Vranich. We try to take on more tasks (whether they’re academic, professional, extracurricular or even social) than any person can reasonably handle, and then suffer long-term health consequences as a result. She adds that feeling chronically tired, sick or achy is often stress-related. “You might be having backaches, but told that your back’s okay, you have migraines even though you’ve done everything you’re supposed to, you have stomach problems even though you don’t have any food allergies—having something wrong that isn’t being resolved is usually related to stress.”

You need to wind down

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