4 money lessons to learn after college!


4 Money Lessons I Had to Learn After College, & You Probably Should Too

No one likes to think about all the money they’re spending, that’s just a fact of life. However, it’s extremely important for you to know just how much money you have coming in and how much of that is going to your monthly expenses. Are you paying your bills on time? What about your student loans? Have you thought about opening a savings account post-grad? These are all valid questions you need to ask regarding your finances – and they’re also just the beginning to mastering money after college.

 Start a savings account, and start it early.

If there’s one piece of advice all college grads can agree on, it’s that you need to have a savings account. I’ve had a savings account since I graduated high school, opting to put back most of the money I was gifted instead of spending it. While my savings isn’t perfect or even close to where I want it to be, I do feel ahead of the game. But don’t fret! It’s totally okay if you didn’t start one in college, not everyone does. But you’re going to find a better return from your savings if you start it earlier post-grad.

“Put money aside for separate and specific funds,” Molly Pearson, a 2017 graduate of Queens University of Charlotte, says. “Car stuff, savings, rent or a new place to live, emergency money, etc.” With multiple big life expenses you’ll want to plan for, having a savings account is the perfect place to set aside part of your monthly paycheck for those things.

Most college grads have some kind of debt that they need to pay off. Whether that’s those pesky student loans that you brushed aside for four years or the credit card debt that’s been slowly accumulating for a few months, there’s likely something that needs attention to keep your credit in good standing. There are multiple ways to tackle whatever debt you have, but there are two methods that really stood out when I asked around: the snowball and avalanche methods.

Create a budget and stick to it!

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