How to retain millennial employees!



You’re probably already aware that millennials are currently the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. But while many companies have been focusing all their attention on building a millennial-friendly workplace, they may have overlooked the fact that Gen Z is the newest cohort taking the multigenerational workplace by storm—about 17 million members are now adults and entering the U.S. workforce.

Encourage Their Entrepreneurial Spirit to Help Generation Z Feel Valued

Gen Z is different from Gen Y in many ways—racially diverse, social media natives and laser focused on financial security. In fact, in that way they have more in common with the Silent Generation than any other cohort.

“Generation Z employees will look for more independence in their career than Gen X and millennials. Recruiters should keep in mind that these individuals will be seeking opportunities that allow them to take ownership of their positions and be their own boss. Many Gen Z individuals are self-starters and have an entrepreneurial spirit, so being unique is a key factor in their career choice.” —Read more at

“While 84% of Generation Z workers say that they’d like to do purposeful work for a company in which they believe, financial security has greater relevance. … In order to engage Generation Z employees, managers need to offer financial rewards and promote career advancement. But they should also make efforts to create a culture and a team spirit that can create fellowship with your company and motivate them to stay put. … In comparison, millennials aren’t as motivated by money.” —Read more at Staffbase.

Engagement Can Boost Retention!

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