Hyperloop and Alexa



Ever dreamed of being able to drive crazy fast whenever you want to get somewhere and bypass all the usual traffic nonsense?

Elon Musk certainly has. And it may become a reality. Musk is looking to build an underground Hyperloop transit network between four large American cities: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. The loop would be built by The Boring Company (no, not boring like *yawn*, boring like… tunnel digging). Coincidentally (or not), Musk also owns that company.

So… What is a Hyperloop, exactly? Essentially, it would be a network of underground tunnels that would transport goods on sled-like holders, and that could offer transportation for cars, cargo, and more. According to Musk, the trip time from New York to DC would be just under half-an-hour. That’s insane. By train, that currently takes up to 4 hours.

As mass transit goes, this is pretty futuristic. No construction has begun, but Musk has stated that he’s received a “verbal okay” from the government to start the project.

Activate hyperspeed!

Alexa, tell me what’s new

Definitely good stuff. If you have an Amazon Echo but have an Android phone, you might be frustrated by the lack of Alexa integration in your Amazon app.

An Alexa integration – which allows you to ask Alexa about news, weather, basic facts, or use the assistant’s add-on “skills,” among other things –  was available only for iPhone users before. This week, Alexa is arriving on Android as well.

Now, you could already have the Alexa app, which essentially allows you to do the same thing, but now you’ll be able to ask Alexa questions right in the Amazon shopping app, without having to switch back and forth.

Okay, sounds like a plan

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