Importance of de-stressing!


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How to De-Stress the Right Way

I don’t know about you but one thing I have learned in life so far is that life can get pretty busy out of the blue. More often than not, you can never see it coming, so you never have time to properly prepare yourself for the whirlwind you’re about to be engulfed in. It can be rough. I know this kind of busyness all too well. How about you?

Don’t ignore your stress

Even though I am up to my neck in to-do’s, I have been trying to remember how to breathe and center myself. Here are some things I have been doing my best to focus on to reduce my stress during this crazy, busy time of life. 

One bad habit that I have is trying to ignore my stress. I’ll try to convince myself that I’m not really that stressed out and then I’ll try to continue on with my tasks. Well, that never works out too well, haha. Ignoring my stress has only ever just brought on more stress for myself, as well as anxiety.

Don’t ‘should’ yourself. I should have, I should have, I should have… sound familiar? If you’re somewhat of a perfectionist like me, you probably struggle with “should-ing” yourself quite often. The thing with focusing on what you think you should have done is that it only ever leaves you feeling shame and it prevents you from moving onward in a positive manner. It adds extra pressure when you’re already feeling the pressure of stress. So, don’t “should” yourself. Instead, after a task is finished or a situation is done with, simply move on and don’t look back.

Don’t ‘should’ yourself!

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Self-Care is Non-Negotiable

I feel like in the past two years, ‘self-care’ has become a buzzword, especially on social media. We all know that self-care looks different to everybody and it’s not always bath bombs and face masks. I like to think of self-care as activities I know will put me in a better head space, regardless of whether I actually feel like doing them.


Some days it’s going to the gym or for a walk, other days it’s taking a hot shower or a nap. I’m good at identifying what makes me feel better but not always great at actually doing it. That’s why I’ve been toying with the idea of setting some non-negotiable self-care habits. When I say ‘non-negotiable’ I don’t mean things I’m going to force myself to do every single day. I mean when I know what it is that I need, I’m going to force myself to do just that. I think it’s important when adopting new habits to give yourself grace and be kind when you mess up or don’t meet your goal. It’s okay if you don’t always make the healthiest choice. If you’re able to recognize what you need, that is already such a huge win and you should be proud of yourself.

Meditation. My psychologist suggested this one to me, and even though I’ve heard people really benefit from meditation I was kinda hesitant to try it out. I’ve done yoga before and while I enjoyed it, I could never figure out the whole “just focus on your breathing and don’t think about anything.”

As I mentioned before, self-care has a different meaning to everyone and even looks different to one person depending on the day. What is important is being able to recognize when you need to take some time for yourself and choosing something that is fulfilling to you, even if it may not be what everyone else is doing. My new year’s resolution was to only make decisions with my best interest in mind, which really helps me make sure I’m taking good care of myself and making healthy choices. I encourage you to try to do the same!

Relax without a screen!

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