China has an out-of-control space station. And no, I don’t mean there’s a rockin’ party happening on board, I mean it’s literally falling out of orbit, back to Earth. Typically, when a satellite is done being used, it gets flung out of orbit… away from Earth.

Beijing, we have a problem

It’s actually a pretty unpredictable situation. The space station can’t be steered when it enters back into the earth’s atmosphere – which could happen anytime this year or early 2018. So… there’s really no way of telling where or when it will come down.

An expert has said that they likely will not know until 6-7 hours prior to impact where exactly it will end up landing. Here’s hoping it ends up being in the ocean…

The good news is, the majority of the space station will burn up as it falls through the earth’s atmosphere – but there will still be some dangerously large chunks raining down. Yikes!
Runaway satellite…

Next level moving

Moving sucks… and you’re going to be doing it a lot. Most colleges make you move out of your dorm rooms at the end of each year, and if you change apartments each year in college, you’re going to move 3-4 times during your college career. Not to mention you’ll probably end up moving around after college as you get your first few jobs.

My life has been pretty transient. I’ve lived in a dorm room and 4 different apartments across 3 different states in the last 4 years. It’s been… rough. Moving all your furniture over and over again is expensive, time-consuming, tiring, and can damage the furniture.

Rent it out

Many students rent textbooks as a way to avoid the cost of purchasing and re-selling textbooks for their courses. A company called Feather is looking to bring the rental game to furniture – specifically targeted at millennials.

They offer bedroom, living room, home office, and combination packages that you can rent for anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Their furniture is modern and stylish, and you don’t have to worry about moving it from place to place if you end up leaving. They even help you assemble the furniture… for no extra charge.

If you’re a person who moves a lot or who intends to travel, this could be a great way to live in different places for short periods of time. Right now, Feather is only available in New York and San Francisco, but they’ll continue to expand.
Feather-light when you move

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