iPhone Bday and Token Ring


Happy birthday, iPhone!

Aww, they grow up so fast! Today, the iPhone turned 10. That’s right. 10 years ago today, the first iPhone was sold. Do you feel old yet?

The introduction of the iPhone revolutionized the phone industry. It essentially launched the touchscreen smartphone industry that we know today. Did you know that the original iPhone didn’t even have an App Store? Good thing that changed!

The first iPhone was also released at a time when the only cell service for smartphones was 2G. Almost all smartphones today run on 3G or LTE networks. AT&T doesn’t even offer 2G service anymore. Using the original iPhone without wifi was unbearably slow by today’s instant-gratification standards.

The iPhone has become the focal point of the Apple brand in the last decade, and continues to be the most widely used smartphone in the world. The evolution of the device– from the speed, to the endless offerings of apps, to the high-res cameras that could practically shoot movies – has been incredible… So take a minute today and remember not to take it all for granted!

Ughhh why won’t it load??

One ring to…

…well, run your life.

Smart rings have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Nimb has created a subtle panic alert system that you can wear on your finger. Ringly has taken social networking to the next level with bejeweled rings and bracelets that light up and vibrate when you get notifications.

Now there’s Token (which oddly sounds like Tolkein… hmm…). The company has put forth a ring that can make payments, log into computers, and unlock doors.

If trusting a small device like that with all your personal info sounds scary, Token assures that they protect user information with advanced cryptography. The ring features a fingerprint scanner on the inside, so it will only “wake up” for one person – and will lock immediately when removed. There’s also a proximity sensor to protect your info from potential nearby hackers.

We’ve all seen Apple Wallet and Samsung Pay at work in stores on phones and smart watches, but the Token ring would be an even smaller, more aesthetic way of carrying that same technology. It also has options to add a car pairing system or door locking system, so you could theoretically leave all your keys at home and just wear your ring when you leave.

Put a ring on it

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