It’s fo’ free!


It’s fo’ free!

We all like free things, right? Duh. And free things are even better when they have a long-term benefit. Taking a class is easily one of the best ways to build out your resume and become more well-rounded. Lucky for you, 200 universities around the world just announced that they’ll be offering a ton of online courses for free!

Something for everyone

With 600 offerings, there’s a free class for just about everyone, no matter what your background or interests. There are courses in computer science, business, humanities, education and teaching, engineering, art and design… and even more. They’re also available in multiple languages, so there are options for non-English speakers as well!

The best part? Many of the classes are self-paced, so you can complete them as you find the time. That means no worrying about adding an extra course onto an already-full workload. Just think about how great it’ll sound when you can rattle off a bunch of skills in a job interview. You’ll be the most-wanted candidate in the room, kid.
Free classes!

Just be yourself

Cover letters. Did I make you shudder? We’ve all written them; we’ve all re-written them; we’ve all sent them off with a sigh of relief because for some reason they’re the hardest thing we’ve ever written. (Please tell me I’m not alone in this.) No matter what you think of them, they’re your greatest tool in your quest for the perfect job. Here are some tips on how to make writing them feel less like a chore.

One size fits one

You should never submit the same cover letter to two different jobs. Period. Each company is different, so they’re all looking for candidates who will meet their specific needs. Be sure to match your cover letter to each specific job description. This sounds tedious, but if you try to use the same keywords as the job ad, it won’t be as difficult as you think.

Your cover letter doesn’t have to be completely devoid of personality, either. No, it’s probably not the best place to break out your best jokes, but it is the place to show potential employers that you’re actually a human being. Creativity and individuality will get you far, so don’t be afraid to let your true colors shine.
Cover letter do’s and don’ts

In the News This Week:

  • Nice try: Russia’s Ministry of Defense came forward with “indisputable evidence” that the U.S. was helping ISIS—but the footage was actually from a 2015 video game.
  • Aftershock: Survivors of the recent earthquake in Iran are enduring freezing temps and living in tents until aid arrives.
  • Race to the top: With 202 of the world’s fastest supercomputers, China has overtaken the U.S. in the race for supercomputer dominance.

From the Blog

5 Must-Do’s Before Submitting Your Resume
Graduation day is growing closer by the minute. The time to leave your academic career behind and step out into the real world is just around the corner. How did the time pass by so quickly? Weren’t you a freshman just yesterday? Making the move from the academic world into the professional world starts with perfecting your resume. You’ve spent the last four years learning, stretching your comfort zone, and experiencing new things. And it’s important that you’re able to clearly communicate everything you’ve learned on paper for hiring managers to see. Here are five things you absolutely must do before sending in your resume.

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