A little help from science


A little help from science

Have you ever heard that self-control is limited? The current wisdom is that you only have a certain amount of self-control, and the more you use it, the more you have to recharge it, like a muscle.

But that theory doesn’t hold up in practice. A study found that, in the real world, people only ran low on motivation and self-control when they were stuck doing the same task for too long. When switching between tasks, though, they were able to find new motivation.

So is multitasking the answer?

No! Multitasking involves focusing on more than one task at the same time, which diminishes your focus from all of the tasks, so it’s not very productive.

Switching between tasks, on the other hand, involves putting your full focus on one task for a limited amount of time. You can either let yourself work until you start to feel yourself lose focus, or set a timer so you know exactly when you’ll be stopping your task. You’ll take a quick break, then you move on to another task.

Don’t try to grind out a multi-hour project all in one go – you’ll wear yourself out and it won’t be your best work!
How to stay motivated

Motivational music

If you don’t get up on Monday morning to some music – you should really give it a shot. Waking up to music or playing some while you make your coffee and get ready can help put you in a better, more energetic mood.

Find the best music

Listening to music might be a little more difficult if you have roommates, but just sleep with your headphones nearby so you can put them in when you get up and get going.

Unfortunately if you’re like me, you’ve basically been listening to the same music since you were in middle school because you never update your playlists. Whoops. That’s okay, Spotify’s student plan is $4.99 (and now includes Hulu btw…) and can help you discover so much new music.

If you’re in the mood for a playlist for motivation, for confidence, or for studying, check out the playlists in the article below!

Music motivation to get you thru the week

Monday Shower Thoughts

  1. People wouldn’t stop a microwave with time left on the clock if there was a ‘don’t beep when finished’ option.
  2. Instead of a “Forgot Password” button, websites should also have a “Show Password Rules” button.
  3. “Gonna” is short for “going to” but only when referring to an action, not a place.
  4. If one steals from a house boat while it’s​ on the water, would they be a pirate or a burglar?
  5. We say sitting in an office for 8 hours is bad for you but we never mention sitting down at school for 8 hours.

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