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If you paid any attention to the recent Presidential Debate (or accessed the internet in the last week), you probably heard of an insanely adorable guy named Ken Bone.

The guy showed up to the debate to ask a question about the candidates’ views on energy policy.
And the next day, he was offered a six figure porn contract.

This is what makes America great.

He got hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, went on Jimmy Kimmel, had Stephen Colbert write a song about him, and got interviewed all over the press.

But what’s really fascinating is why Ken Bone got so popular.

It’s not like he had some fancy success story or a marketing campaign. He asked a normal question at the debate, he talked about ripping his suit open because he apparently gained too much weight, and he has a pretty normal job.

The coolest thing about Ken Bone is that he’s unapologetically average in a world where everyone’s trying to one up each other.

And people loved him for it.


Notetaking Strategies for Any Type of Class

Many of us have experienced the consequences of bad study habits at some point.

Most students get together with their friends in the library, turn the pages of their notebooks for a few hours, and tell themselves that they’ve got it.
…And then proceed to completely bomb the exam.

Some people think this happens because they’re “bad test takers”. But in reality, it’s just a problem with their study methods.

Cal Newport, a professor at Georgetown, writes some pretty useful stuff on his blog on how to study effectively so you can ace your classes without spending a ridiculous amount of time at the library.

Here are some tips he has on taking notes the right way.

For example, here’s what he recommends for non-technical classes:
When you’re sitting in a class covering stuff like History, it’s easy to start trying to transcribe everything the professor says. But the truth is, 80% of the information in class doesn’t matter for exams.

What matters is grouping your notes into what Cal calls “questions and conclusions.” Basically you capture the big ideas covered in class in form of questions, and note down the professor’s conclusion. And have a few bullet points of “evidence”, which usually comes from your readings.


Newest Diet Trend: Pizza?

Everyone’s afraid of the dreaded Freshman 15.

If you’re going out with your friends three times a week, and have Chipotle within walking distance at all times, it’s pretty tough not to put on a few pounds.

But turns out Pasquale Cozzolino lost 100 lbs in a year by eating pizza every single day. No, really. Check out his transformation:

Apparently he gained a massive amount of weight after constantly binging on junk food and soda. But then decided to get on a health kick and make himself pizza everyday for a year. Doesn’t sound like any of the latest health fads we’ve ever heard of…

But you can’t argue with the results. When asked about why his new “diet plan” worked so well, he said “when you eat a pizza, you don’t need anything else.”

True that. 🍕


Saving Money: You Can Do It!

Having money isn’t usually something college students are known for.

It’s usually the exact opposite – between eating out, tuition and book costs, and the (more than) occasional overdraft fee, it can feel impossible to save money.

But here’s a trick for you: by automating your finances, you can spend money without feeling guilty about it.

Automating your money is about paying yourself first. In this Lifehacker article, the savings benchmark is around 5-10%, depending on how much you can afford to put away.

With automating your finances, the important thing is to have money go from checking account to your savings account automatically every month, no matter what percentage you set.

If you automatically pay yourself, pay the rent, etc. in the beginning of the month, you can the rest of your money on drinks without feeling guilty about it.

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