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Steps to Dissect Your Reading Assignments

As happy as I am to be getting a college education, there are quite a few things that I would change if I could: the early mornings, long commutes, and high tuition costs are just a few of them. (Oh, and those days where they serve nothing but fish at the dining hall. Yuck!)

Don’t get overwhelmed

A HUGE dislike, though, are the reading assignments that are just so complex and drawn out that they seem impossible to understand; it seems like such waste to spend all that time reading and not get anything out of it. Plus, last I checked, those reading quizzes were (unfortunately) not optional. And although I have my methods for conquering long reading assignments, they only helped me break up the reading so that the assignments aren’t as overwhelming, rather than helping me to actually understand the material. 

Yes, this is one of my tips from my other post on reading assignments, but it applies here just as much, because the last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself. For me, dividing up the assignment throughout the week is a necessary step I have to take if I want any hope in finishing/comprehending the reading. On those occasions where I’ve to read a 30-50 page assignment in one sitting, it could take me most of the day. Even at that point, I sometimes didn’t even understand at all because I had overwhelmed myself with so much information! And I can only guess as to how much of that reading I actually retained.

Reading assignments can be hard. Believe me, I know; I’ve been in several reading-intensive, 300-level courses for classes that weren’t even in my major! (I still have nightmares about them.) Those reading assignments were a struggle to me since it was just so much content, I had no background info on the subject, and I wasn’t very interested in the topic to begin with either. But because of these tips, I was able to not only dissect my reading assignments, but conquer them as well. (And, spoiler alert, I earned an A in both courses!)

Divide up the work!

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Tips to Ace Phone Interviews

So, you’ve applied for a job and you have an interview. Good news, right? Except that it’s a phone interview. And you hate talking on the phone. Interviews are scary enough when they’re face-to-face, but they’re almost worse when they’re over the phone. It’s more difficult to get your personality across when the interviewer can’t see your expressions and body language. You can’t tell what they’re thinking, either.

Acing the Interview

How do you ace the interview, make yourself memorable, and not lose your cool while you’re at it? We’ve got three main tips on how to do phone interviews well, some common phone interview questions so you can prepare yourself for when they inevitably come up, and a couple notes on how to close up the interview and make yourself stick in the interviewer’s brain. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get started:

Phone interviews kind of suck, but take it from someone who has chronic phone anxiety and has to do this all the time for work: there are some ways to make them suck less.

It’s helpful to practice interviewing as often as you can. It helps you get comfortable with doing it. Ask your friends and family to help you. See if you can get a parent to pretend to be hiring you for their particular workplace. What sort of questions will they ask? How will they respond to yours?

Practice questions!

Today I learned…

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