MLMs & IKEA GoT Costumes


Beware the MLM

What’s an MLM? A Multi-Level Marketing company.

It can be very hard to tell the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme. An MLM is a company in which it is possible for consultants to make the majority of their money from the product/service they sell, but where they can make bonus money by referring new consultants for a cut of their earnings. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is one where the majority of money is made from the cut of earnings from referrals – and therefore isn’t sustainable.

MLMs have been popular for a long time (think Avon, Mary Kay, etc.), but have exploded in the age of the internet. You’ve probably heard of Herbalife, LipSense, and LuLaRoe, to name a few.

What’s so bad about MLMs?

Inherently, there’s nothing really wrong. MLMs often proclaim to provide opportunities for personal empowerment, independence, and flexibility for potential consultants. And there are certainly some who do well.

It can seem like an amazing opportunity, and many people, especially women, buy into these companies with the expectation of making back their investment and turning a fast profit. But according to a report that studied the business models of 350 MLMs, 99% of people who join multilevel-marketing companies lose money.

Take caution
I don’t know about you, but that’s kind of scary. I’ve been invited to plenty of LipSense and LuLaRoe parties, both online and in-person. I, myself, am skeptical of the model and hesitant to buy in, or even to buy products from the sellers, because I worry about encouraging them to buy into something that could be ultimately unsustainable.

These companies can be especially predatory and tempting for millennials looking for extra income. Please do your research and find out what you’re getting into before you buy into an MLM. It’s possible to make money from one, but make a plan beforehand and stick to it – it can be tempting to continue to spend and spend on inventory in the hopes of making more money later, but never threaten your stability to try to make an extra buck.

Be careful: don’t end up like this


So for something a little more amusing…

Just about everyone you know probably watches Game of Thrones. You probably do too. It has quite the following… as in, it’s the most-watched show…ever.

It’s also the most expensive

GoT is the most expensive show ever produced. As in $10 million per episode. That’s partially because of how long it’s run, but also due to all the costumes, special effects, and actors who are in increasingly high demand.

Which is what makes this next tidbit all the more hilarious…

Some of those costumes? You know, the big, fur coats they wear in The North? Guess what… they’re literally IKEA rugs!!!

Whaaat??! So great. There’s even a video detailing how they did it – and some publications have speculated as to which of IKEA’s rugs they’re actually using on the show, so you can make a magnificent coat for yourself.

From rags to riches?

Monday Shower Thoughts 

  1. Staying in a college town over summer break is like waking up early at a sleepover and you just lay there and wait.
  2. Once you realize you don’t need a special occasion to buy a cake, the second part of your life begins.
  3. It’s going to be infuriating riding in a self-driving car that strictly obeys the speed limit.
  4. There should be a button on all TVs that makes the remote make a noise when you lose it.
  5. As long as I’ve been alive, I still have no idea what to do while people are singing Happy Birthday to me.

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