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Something small

When meal ingredients are sold in bulk, because you can usually store most things in your freezer for a while, or make a bunch of food all at once and box it up for lunches/dinners throughout the week.

But what about when you want a dessert? Buying a whole tub of ice cream can be dangerous… I usually end up eating it all in about 2 days. You don’t really want to buy a whole package of cookies or an entire cake if it’s just you eating it – those things don’t keep for very long.

Well, if you have a microwave, a mug, and a few basic baking staples in your cupboard, you can make a mug cake! It’s a perfect solution when you want something sweet but you don’t want to take on a big baking task or pay extra at a restaurant. Check out the link below for a link to some of my favorites.

Sweet stuff


Okay, so there’s a lot of “if you were a ’90s kid” or “if you grew up in the ’00s” stuff floating around. Articles, listicles, memes – it’s everywhere. Aaaand I’m going to throw some more at you!

With the plethora of fancy dining halls in universities across the country, do you ever stop and think about the school cafeterias we had as kids?

Depending on where (or even when) you grew up, your cafeteria had #thebest food or #actuallytheworst food. Honestly though, the nostalgia is real either way. Lunchables were basically the currency of the lunch room at my school. I would pretty much trade anything for those. Also those little cakes and Cosmic Brownies. Yummmmmmmmmmm.

Did you have a favorite childhood lunch food? Tell us what it was! It’s a little crazy how similar elementary lunch food is across the country… Check it out below:

Literally childhood

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